Rescue and Welfare

Norfolk Terrier Rescue and Welfare


Norfolk Terrier Rescue And Welfare

According to the Rules of the Club, one of the Objects of the Norfolk Terrier Club of GB is to protect the breed and also to render all assistance possible to owners, breeders and exhibitors of Norfolk Terriers.

Thankfully Norfolks are only bred in moderation and we have been able to carry this out to the letter with the establishment of the Storm Fund, an active Rescue and Welfare programme and the vigilance of the members who will leap into action at the slightest sign of a Norfolk in need or, extremely rarely, in a shelter.

Owners and breeders are assured of sympathetic help from the Club if they should have health, or others problems and need to find homes for their dogs.

The Club’s Rescue and Welfare coordinator, Mrs Linda Cooper, keeps a list of those who would like to have a ‘rescue’ Norfolk and sometimes one becomes available usually through bereavement, a change of family circumstances or occasionally incompatibility. Breeders may also look for pet homes for bitches who have finished breeding. Re-homed Norfolks usually settle extremely well.

Sometimes older Norfolks are for sale and these may be found by contacting breeders on our Breeders List.


Rescue And Welfare: (only available in Great Britain)


Mrs Linda Cooper
Walton Road,
Cambs. PE14 7AG,

Tel: 01945 466691