Fun Day 2019

Funday 2019 Crowd shot





It was the turn of the Norwich Terrier Club to host the Fun Day this year, so a big thanks to everyone who made the event happen. They even managed to book superb weather – dare I say it was even a little too hot at times, particularly for us poor stewards who were in the blazing sunshine of the ring for most of the day (there’s just no pleasing me is there!) – honestly though, it was lovely to be out there and not having to keep an eye on the sky for rain clouds as we seem to have to do most years.

There were about 70 dogs registered in total and some of the classes had over 30 entries, but the judges did a great job in keeping the classes moving as quickly as possible so the dogs weren’t out in the sun for too long. Everyone also made sure the dogs all had shade and water available, so the heat certainly didn’t seem to spoil the day for anyone, canine or human.

The atmosphere is always so great at this event, I just love it and you can see it coming through in the photos. There were plenty of new faces again this year which is always lovely, and lots of our regulars were back to compete – Lottie Pinnell was going for her fourth win in a row in the Sausage Catching and got through to the last three but was ‘out-sausaged’ by Sarah Brown’s Toby who had been putting in plenty of training apparently. Sarah had a great day, also coming second in the Adult Fancy Dress with her Ginger Highlanders (in memory of her beloved Westie, Hamish) and then, to top it all, Toby took this year’s Baginton Bullet Trophy in an incredible time of 3.14 seconds. He just pipped last year’s winner to the post (Martyn and Janet Howes’ Cabhan). Cabhan had already taken the Dog title though so I’m sure he went home happy.

The Adult Fancy Dress class was hilarious as always, with some really ingenious costumes and clearly great thought had gone into them – the winners were the Hunt family who had three dogs all dressed up differently – Baginton Bear, Sherlock Bones and Elf & Safety; we also had Sarah Brown with her Ginger Highlanders (in memory of her beloved Westie Hamish); there were the Four Norfolks of the Apocalypse and many others too – a really hard job for the judge!

It was a particularly poignant day for me too, when it came to the Egg and Spoon Race. Chris and Liz Moor had their Norfolk, Connor, from me some ten years ago now, and Chris absolutely loved competing in the Egg and Spoon Race each year. Very sadly we lost Chris in November in a tragic accident and when I saw Liz at the beginning of August she said she would do her best to get to the Fun Day – well, not only did Liz and Connor come down for the day but also Chris’s mum, Mary, who wanted to see for herself just what Chris loved so much about the day – they both left with big smiles on their faces and Liz was delighted to agree to us naming the race “The Chris Moor Memorial Egg and Spoon Race”. My mum was sitting with Liz and Mary when the race was on and apparently every time I shouted ‘Go’ Connor barked as if he knew he should be out there!

Well, have a look at the photos and if you didn’t make it this year, perhaps you’ll join us next year when it will be our turn to host the event – hopefully see you on the 29th August 2020.



Egg & Spoon Race
Egg & Spoon Race
Racing - Heat of the Dog race
Racing - One of the Dog class heats
Racing Photos
A class with 30+ entrants
Sarah & Trevor Brown with Toby
Sarah & Trevor Brown with Toby; winner Melbeck Bagination Bullet Rac
Guess the Name winner
Ian and Beverley Watkins with Benedict Long, winner of 'Guess the Name of the Teddy'
Ruth Gee judging the Adult Handling class
Ruth Gee judging the Adult Handling class
Martyn Howes doing the rounds
Martyn Howes doing the rounds
Temptation Alley
Temptation Alley
In with a chance
"Hmm... In with a chance!"
Bit of shade
A nice bit of shade to wait for the Fancy Dress Judge
Handsomest Dog Class, 32 Entries
Handsomest Dog Class, 32 entries. Judged by Tony Pinnell
Graham Hadfield and Norman
Graham Hadfield & Norman 'Little Legs' - Best Adult Handler
Junior Handler
Junior Handler
Best Junior Handling in Action, Judge Ruth Gee. Jonathan Blade (winner 12-16) and Erin Boer (winner 6-11)
Overall Junior Handler
Best Junior Handler Overall winner, Jonathan Blade



Norfolk and Norwich Terrier Fun Day 24 August 2019

Class 1 – Dog with the Waggiest Tail (Judge: Angela Kirk-Ashby)

  1. Jenga (Norfolk) – Robert Blade

  2. Ozzy (Norfolk) - Amanda Moore

  3. Fred (Norfolk) – Anthony Watt

  4. Bill (Norfolk) – Steve Johnson

  5. Casper (Norfolk) – Bethany Beesman

Class 2 – Prettiest Bitch (Judge: Trevor Aldred)

  1. Sophie (Norfolk) – Rosalie Ryder

  2. Tilly (Norfolk) - Paula Salisbury

  3. Violet (Norfolk) – Barbara Cherry

  4. Cassie (Norfolk) – Karen Beaton

  5. Tizzie (Norfolk) – Kathryn Lock

Class 3 – Handsomest Dog (Judge: Tony Pinnell)

  1. Sami (Norwich) – Paul Fisher

  2. Casper(Norfolk) – Bethany Beesman

  3. Rowan (Norwich) – Julie Campion

  4. Billy (Norfolk) – Karen Oughton

  5. Barney (Norfolk) –Jacqueline Giudice

Class 4 – Dog the Judge would most like to take home (Judge: Bridget Shapland)

  1. Bailey (Norwich) – Vicki Hunt

  2. Sami (Norwich) – Paul Fisher

  3. Barney (Norwich) – Catherine Harris

  4. Cedric (Norfolk) – Caroline Bailey

  5. Ted (Norfolk) – Steve Johnson

Class 5 – Best Sausage Catcher (Judge: Martyn Howes)

  1. Toby (Norfolk) – Trevor Aldred

Class 6 - Best Veteran (7-10 years old) (Judge: Jill Stevenson)

  1. Mabel (Norfolk) (Age 7) –Fiona Macartney

  2. Bertie (Norwich) (Age 9)– Trish Sheffield

  3. Jenga (Norfolk) (Age 7) – Jonathan Blade

  4. Archie (Norfolk) (Age 7) – Katie Bant

  5. Toby (Norfolk) (Age 8) – Woody and Sheena

Class 7 – Vintage Dog or Bitch (11 yrs & Over) (Judge: Gina Dorkins)

  1. Bert (Norfolk) (Age 11) – The Waters Family

  2. Lizzie (Norfolk) (Age 12) – Tom Britland

  3. Munchkin (Norwich) (Age 12) – Mel Hickling

  4. Henry (Dachshund) (Age 12) – Kathryn Lock

  5. Gertie (Norfolk) (Age 11) – David Orchard

Class 8 - Most Appealing Puppy (Judge: Sarah Brown)

  1. Barney (Norwich) – Catherine Harris

  2. Freddie (Norfolk) – Anthony Wall

  3. Daisy (Norfolk) – Barbara Cherry

  4. Poppy (Norwich) – Mary McLoughlin

Class 9 – Best Family from the same Household (Judge: Bill Moore)

  1. Thomas, Davie and Violet { 2 Norfolks and a Poodle) – Barbara Cherry

  2. Bradley, Sophie, Bailey and Billy (2 Norwich and 2 Cairns) – The Hunt Family

  3. Bill and Ted (Norfolks) – Steve Johnson

  4. Arlo and Cassie (Norfolks) - Karen and Chris Beaton

  5. Jenga and Rio (Norwich and Norfolk) – The Blade Family

Class 10 – Best Six Legs (Judge: Andre Hess)

  1. Lottie (Norfolk) – Tony Pinnell

  2. Freddie (Norfolk) – Anthony Wall

  3. Norman (Norfolk) – Graham Hadfield

  4. Tilly (Norwich) – Erin Boer

  5. Gordon (Norfolk) – Benedict Long

Class 11 – Best 100 Miles or over Travelled (Judge: Graeme Parker)

  1. Maisey and Barney (Norfolk) – Jackie and Arthur (from Wales)

  2. Sami (Norwich) – Paul Fisher (from York)

  3. Bert (Norfolk) – The Waters Family (from Eastbourne)

  4. Gordon (Norfolk) – The Long Family (from South London)

  5. Bradley (Cairn) – Adele Hunt (from Devon)

Class 12 – Most talented Dog or Bitch (Judge: Sarah Fisher)

  1. Monty (Norfolk) – Ben Hewitt

Class 13 – Junior Handling (6-11 Years) (Judge: Ruth Gee)

  1. Erin Boer with Tilly (Norwich)

  2. Benedict Long with Gordon (Norfolk)

Class 14 – Junior Handling (12-16 Years) (Judge: Ruth Gee)

  1. Jonathan Blade with Rio (Norwich)

Best Junior Handler

Jonathan Blade

Class 13 – Adult Handling (Judge: Ruth Gee)

  1. Graham Hadfield with Norman (Norfolk)

Class 15 –Junior Fancy Dress (Judge: Dawn Webb)

No entries

Class 16 – Adult Fancy Dress (Judge: Dawn Webb)

  1. Baginton Bear (Cairn), Sherlock Bones (Norwich) and Elf and Safety (Norwich) – The Hunt Family

  2. Ginger Highlanders (Norfolks) – Sarah Brown

Terrier racing – Winners

Any breed other than Norfolk or Norwich – Izzy (Border Terrier) - Bridget

Puppy under 1 year – Betsy (Norfolk) – Di Ault

Dogs – Cabhan (Norfolk ) – Janet Howes

Bitches – Cassie (Norfolk) - Karen Beaton

Veterans (over 7 years) – Bertie (Norwich) – Trish Sheffield

The Chris Moor Memorial Egg and Spoon Race - Rio (Norwich) – Rob Blade

The Melbeck Baginton Bullet

  1. Toby (Norfolk) – Sarah Brown 3.14 secs

  2. Cabhan (Norfolk) – Janet Howes 3.21 secs

  3. Tilly (Norwich) – Erin Boer 3.25 secs

  4. Norman (Norfolk) – Graham Hadfield 3.44.secs

  5. Cassie (Norfolk)– Karen Beaton 3.49 secs