Tributes to Elisabeth Matell

We said our last goodbyes to Elisabeth Matell 
at the Service of Celebration for her life 
on Thursday 22nd November at Cheltenham Cemetery & Crematorium.  

The Revd Mike Rogers, the vicar from Berrow, took the service. 

Lynn Ward held her Norfolk, Poppy, in her arms when she read 
the words from Isaiah chapter 11: verses 1 to 9, and spoke about Elisabeth. 
There were at least three other Norfolks present in the chapel. 

Further moving tributes followed from Kenneth Eliasson and Andrew Brace.

Processional music was 'Elizabethan Serenade’ and Music for reflection, 'Time to Say Goodbye', 
was sung by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, 
during a quiet period when we all thought about Elisabeth. 
We went out to the strains of the music ‘Theme from The Archers’ (which she listened to regularly).  
The only hymn was Jerusalem. 
It was a simple service and the chapel was packed with many people having to stand. 
Afterwards we met for light refreshments at the Royal Oak pub Prestbury. 

Donations to Rottweiler Welfare can be sent to funeral director Malcolm Presland, 
19 High Street, Upton-on-Severn, Worcs WR8 0HJ.

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden death of

Elisabeth Matell

on October 13th at home at Standhall Cottage.   She was a unique forceful personality and Norfolk Terriers were her life.  Passionate about the breed, very warm-hearted, fantastically generous, highly articulate, although Swedish was her first language, she wrote and spoke better English than most of us born here with a depth of knowledge and good sense which she put to good use in her superb productions of the Club Handbooks and Newsletters as well as her Breed Notes in Dog World.  Internationally she was a very successful breeder of many champions and with friends throughout the world, and reached the pinnacle of achievement by breeding and co-owning the best in show winner at Crufts in 2005.  It was a privilege to have known her. She was just Elisabeth and will be impossible to replace.
Rita Mitchell, President Norfolk Terrier Club of GB.
Cherry Howard & Sally Willbie, web secretaries.


If every breed had the same sort of support and time that Elisabeth Matell gave to Norfolk Terriers, then they would indeed be richly looked after. Her first loyalty was undoubtedly to the parent club, The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain but once she recognised that our club, The Midland Counties Norfolk Terrier Association, was an inevitability, she gave us her help and encouragement. Indeed at our first championship show in 2010 she was the first BOS winner with her Ch Cantab Winning Ways of Cracknor (AKA Elvis).  
Elisabeth was always full of enthusiasm for dogs she felt were good Norfolks and regardless of dogs of her own that she was currently showing, she would sing the praises at the ringside of the Norfolks she liked. 
Our breed has lost its best friend in Elisabeth: her knowledge of the breed, the courage to speak out for things she believed in, the honesty to admit when she was wrong, her determination to make every Norfolk terrier event the very best. Elisabeth has touched the lives of a great many people in our breed and is and  will continue to be most deeply missed.
Diane Jenkins,  Midland Counties Norfolk Terrier Association.

Svenska Norfolkterrierklubben

The Swedish Norfolk Terrier Club is mourning Elisabeth Matell – its one and only member of honour!
Elisabeth was the one that has had the greatest impact on establishing the Norfolk Breed in Sweden, as a breeder, writer and together with other owners-/breeders of Norfolks a founder of The Swedish Norfolk Terrier Club in 1974. Even if Elisabeth later on left Sweden for England she was always a warm and engaged member of the club. She was our unbreakable link (so we thought) to the World of Norfolks. We can now only so sadly note that no one can replace her but we will try to get along in honor of her memory! 

The Board of Svenska Norfolkterrierklubben.

Hanne Tangenes, Breed Representative for Norfolk Terrier, The Norwegian Terrier Club

It was with shock we received the news of Elisabeth Matell's sudden passing. Her death leaves a great void, which will be hard to fill.
Elisabeth followed everything that went on in the Norfolk terrier world, and participated whenever she had the chance, particularly on Facebook. This made it possible for us Norwegians to enjoy her enthusiasm. She participated actively in the Norwegian Norfolk terrier group, as well. If she could help or give advice or be of assistance of any kind, she would. She also came to Norway to judge our own Norfolk/Norwich Open Show in the autumn of 2005.
No one ever doubted that Elisabeth was able to identify a dog’s qualities. Elisabeth always had a kind word, yet she did not hesitate in speaking her mind. She did not criticise, but always pointed out that dog owners should aim at the typical characteristics of the race. From a «Norwegian Norfolk» point of view, we had reason to be proud of her enthusiasm for Anne Johnsen's breeding, and she often told us that she hoped to see one or several Adorabel dogs at Crufts in 2013.
We will always remember Elisabeth's unique interest in and knowledge of the Norfolk terrier. A unique person has left us. It was a privilege to have known her.

Hanne Tangenes

Lucas Terrier Club

On behalf of the Lucas Terrier Club I would like to send our sincere condolences to all those close to Elisabeth.  Without her tireless efforts to breed wonderful Norfolk's we would not have the Lucas Terriers that we all treasure and value so highly today.
Jo Rodwell, Chairman.




  Elisabeth Matell



Tributes to Elisabeth Matell




Cracknor Candidate



Marita and Kenneth and the Cantab Norfolks in Sweden
Dear Elisabeth. 
One year of grief and regrets over loosing you. Joy and Elvis certainly do their best to keep the memory of you alive. Miss your late evening phone calls. 
RIP Elisabeth.

Linda Lyons Rynkowski, Laughing Lyons Norfolk Terriers
How I met Elisabeth. 
It is 2002 and I have just lost the great big job which had forced me to relocate out of state to live in very fancy, frantic Fairfield County amongst perfect strangers. And in my attempt to make lemonade, I find the time to become the owner of my first gorgeous Norfolk Terrier. 
First experience at the Montgomery County Kennel Club Show finds newbie me tip-toeing and tripping around edgy Americans. Searching frantically for an eager face and enthusiastic heart to share my new passion and doggy commentary, whilst viewing the sea of streaming Norfolk in front of me - wasn't fate more than kind to offer me a seat next to lovely Elisabeth. We immediately struck up a conversation and found we shared the same admiration for the lovely head of Rita’s Cookie, (Ch Richell Claret) the ideal standard head for the Norfolk Terrier. My ideal to this day. (I have it in his grandson, Games of Celebration) 
I will never forget how she again welcomed me at the Celebration of 2007, what a delightful and genuinely wonderful person she was. Her good nature and objective amusement with the whole thing was what (finally) gave me the confidence I needed to deal with the personalities and also showing a dog in the ring, Elisabeth herself seemed to come into a ring on the edge of a drama, then proceeded to take it over.....
I cannot express how much I admired this kind person with the youngest of hearts and charisma of twenty. What a terrible loss to the world of dogs, to those who were fortunate to have met her, to those who sadly should have had the privilege to experience someone with whom sportsmanlike conduct came so naturally.

Andrew Brace
An otherwise beautiful day at South Wales has been totally overshadowed by the news that Rebecca Agronius, on arrival at Elisabeth Matell's cottage where she was breaking her journey back to Sweden, found Elisabeth dead in her bedroom. Thanks to all who have offered to help with dogs but all is under control and Elisabeth's unique personality has been taken from us.

Andrew Brace  There are few people who are truly blessed with the gift of being able to enrich those around them just by being in their company. Elisabeth was such a person. She was unique and I will miss her great wit and generosity of spirit.

When I spoke to Rebecca earlier she said - "I was staying here a few days and Peter (Green) was in the UK for a whole week ... we were meant to be here." This made my spine tingle and emphasise my ideas on destiny, fate etc. But let's look at it from Elisabeth's angle ... she had spent a weekend entertaining friends she adored (Peter was her GOD!), woke up and it was decreed that she would never have to battle with crippling disease and that she would be taken from us when she was still as bubbly and wonderful as ever. And God Bless Joy Taylor whose generosity allowed Elisabeth to end her life living her dream in her own personal Norfolk Nirvana. Today both Elisabeth and Joy left us forever. We were blessed to have known them.

Frauke Hinsch It feels like a bad dream, just unbelievable. Elisabeth has been a friend ever since I got Tubby, Cracknor Candidate from her. I am grateful that our lives have touched. She was such a character. You were known to be late, Elisabeth, why did you leave so early? I'll miss you terribly.

Monica Lindsjö, Sweden
Thank you Elisabeth, for the encouraging support you have given Uffe and me! Our participation at Crufts is an adventure to remember for life! Crufts and the Norfolk World will not be the same without you.
What a loss!


Rebecca Agronius October 14. A beautiful sunny day today at Standhall Cottage. We do not know exactly what caused Elisabeth's death. We found her by her bed. We will hopefully know more later in the week. All the dogs are doing very well and the young puppy, Joy, keeps a smile on our faces. Dogs have that wonderful effect on people. Elisabeth had many friends and reading all the kind words you write about her is so touching but also starting to make me realise this has really happened. But don't forget to keep your grammar correct (language was very important to her! :-)) Her closest friends will now be working with her last wishes and more information will follow. Thank you everyone for your support for the truly wonderfully unique Elisabeth of Cracknor Norfolk Terriers. / Rebecca, forever grateful for having been a small part of her rich life.

Bryan and Marilyn Claydon What A shock to hear of the death of Elisabeth Mattell,to think we were laughing and joking together at the Club Show just two weeks ago and she seemed in such high spirits.She will be sadly missed for her enthusiasm and energy for life, and her Norfolks,and I find it hard to believe that we will not see her again.

Inger Lundström, Sweden.The world of Norfolk Terriers has lost a lovely person far too early...
Clever, intelligent, artistic, devoted to our lovely I always will remember Elisabeth.

Rita Mitchell Can't believe the sad news of Elisabeth, she will be so missed with her character as large as life and her enthusiasm for the Breed. I am so glad to have had a friendship with her and will remember the many laughs we had together and how her 'Paradise' was always open to everyone, R I P Elisabeth.

Garry Mason What terrible sad news, it’s hard to believe we have lost Elisabeth. A great loss for Norfolks and all who knew and loved her.

Karen Hurrion    Just got home to find out the devastating news that Elisabeth has passed away. Words cannot describe how much the world of Norfolk Terriers owes this unique lady with the most amazing generous personality, she will be very sadly missed by many. R I P. Elisabeth xx

Andre Hess I saw Elisabeth just yesterday. She had come to see me with Roxy, and arrived late as usual, but cheerful and chatty. I operated on Roxy more-or-less straight away, and both left smiling. Phoned her in the evening to check that all is well ... and it was. She was making her pasta salad and told me what a lovely, but busy, few days she had had with her American visitors and then Rebecca Agronius. I am completely shocked and cannot really believe it. 
When I said goodbye to her on Friday, she talked about how great it was to have sorted her little bitch, Roxy's, problem out so quickly, and what a lovely sunny day it was. Just before she got back into her car she asked if it was acceptable to hug me while I was at work and in uniform. I said it was OK.

Rebecca Rhodes  Shocked and so sad. R I P Elisabeth
Leo Norfolk Terrier  Oh no, I can't believe very, very, sorry...
Robin Wellmann  Shocked to hear this, a huge loss for the Norfolk world.
Maureen Chambers  Shocked, just so sad, I will miss her chats we had.

Maureen Chambers   I will miss Elisabeth dearly, she was always smiling whenever you saw her, rushing in late to the show, memories I will treasure forever.

Zoe Wilding so sad R I P Elisabeth
Maria Lindman  I´ll miss Elisabeth so much, her kindness and fun comments meant a lot to me. I don’t want this to be true. I really hope she didn't suffer. LOL/ Maria, Fia (with her happy ears Elisabeth’s words), Emma and Lotta. Sleep well!   Elisabeth, we became FB friends this year and you have meant SO MUCH to me, with all your nice, always kind and fun comments. I really don’t want to believe you are gone, WHY? There are not many people like you, I hope you knew that! Little Fia with her happy ears and I will miss you A LOT!
Tarja Kalme  Oh my god, how very sad R I P Elisabeth.
Dorothy Dorkins The Norfolk world will never be the same. Words fail me I am so upset.
Susan Kipp  So sad to hear this. We will all miss her ....
Stevie Bernhard  Agreed no words can be said. Complete sorrow is all I can think of. So sad 
Deb Sheddan So shocked to hear this... and so very, very sad.
David Winsley  R I P Elisabeth, you were such a character, I shall miss you!
Birte Wollesen  So sad to hear this, the Norfolk world is not the same without her!
Jutta Witte  I’m shocked to read this! R I P Elisabeth we will miss you so much!
Carol Ramsay Very sad news...
Hayden Feetham R I P
Matthew Oddie Devastated!

Hilde Grau What a shock. So sad. R I P Elisabeth.
Katrina Bentley Oh my God. I can’t believe it. A huge loss to Norfolks and everyone who knew and loved her. R I P Dear Elisabeth.
Nan Salminen  Oh Elisabeth. My heart and my mind still refuses to believe it is true. I cannot say that I will miss her in my every day life, but I cannot imagine Norfolk (and Norwich) world without her. She was "my soul mate" when I spent a summer working as Joy's kennel maid, and we had always that connection. She was the one that made me raise my eyebrows, when I was being nervous to death when having the honour to show Joy's dogs in Crufts and Elisabeth was near of a nervous break down having Betty in the ring trying to break the Crufts record in Best Of Breeds. She was drowning herself in Rescue Remedy drops trying to calm herself down and I found it quite comforting that somebody I looked up to so much was being even "more silly" than myself. She was the one that greeted me with a cake in Crufts when she had found out that I was celebrating my 30th birthday abroad and she was the first to send me a card saying congrats when Polkagris went the Dog of the Year. I think she must have been a person with one of the biggest hearts I have ever met. 
I used to love Elisabeth's colourful and "honest to the bone" judge's reports. I remember when she awarded Ch Kinsridge Chaos the top honours at one judging appointment, and in her report she wrote that she was surprised that she liked that bitch, as she had thought from the ring side before her judging appointment she would not like her. Not many judges would put that in a report, would they? "Piano fingers" for too flat paws and "beaks" describing too narrow muzzles were also her so clever descriptions that you could almost see how the dog was in your mind's eye even if never seen it yourself.
Aud Nordby  So sorry.
Dave van Zantvoort  So sorry to read this! A very sad loss.
Tina Dennis Oh no, God Bless her and give her peace. Unbelievable. So very sad. What a tremendous loss.
Mike Vickers   R I P Elisabeth   I first met Elisabeth when she did the ads for Dog World. After not seeing her for a while I had a sick puppy three months ago and she kindly sent me Betty Bloomfield’s book on puppy rearing, always willing to help and I’m grateful for that, 
Kimberly J. Mayo Oh my word....what on earth happened? I was just chatting with her the other day. This is such a shock! We will miss you Elisabeth I hope she knew how much she would be missed.
Debbie Gaskin R I P.. Elisabeth. Such sad news::((
Sally Brown Totally stunned at the news, what a shock. R I P Elisabeth you will be missed.
Carol Moore So sorry to read this, I didn't know her but she bred some fantastic dogs, I'm sure she will be met by many at the bridge.
Maria M. Sacco wow, very sad news for all

Tan Nagrecha   Elisabeth, not only did you give me loads to review in my thoughts about the Norfolk and the Norwich , but I learnt from you was to have confidence in my own beliefs .. I thank you for that strong lady who I will always respect. R I P The world of Norfolks has truly lost a true friend.

Karlynne Sellstrome    Elisabeth, Always full of fun. The help you gave will not be forgotten. A good person & good friend. Supporting all that was right in our world. I will miss your e.mails.Taken too soon, you will be missed by many. R I P. My thoughts to all family & friends.

Anna-Lena Munkvall It's a shock for all of us all around the world!!! We will all miss you deeply! R I P Elisabeth!!!

Ian Gabriel  Miss you Elisabeth. Shows will be quieter but much less fun. I'm glad we were friends and I'm glad I was there to see your face each time Betty won. Catch you soon Elisabeth .... Can you get me a terrier appointment for when I arrive xx

Irene Samuelsson  So sad! She’ll be missed!

Hans Dagerteg  DU är rosen, jag är törnet,
Glöm ej vännen som skrev i hörnet...... 
Rest in peace, Elisabeth I will miss you.

Terry Cooper A very forthright & vibrant character whom I first met some thirtyfive years ago when we both showed English setters. She will leave a big gap in the dog world. R I P .
Terry & Linda

Lesley Harpham I can't believe this…utter shock and devastation to hear this news. Amazing lady with such a passion. Me and Petey will miss you. We shared words and laughs and most importantly friendship, you shared "paradise" with us all ....Crufts 2005 was the year none of us will forget with Coco going BIS, it was an honour to stand with her....We will miss you, you were unique and one of a kind. I hope Paradise stays with you. xxx R I P Elisabeth

Ruth Gee Just got up and still can't believe what has happened she touched so many hearts with her vibrant character and welcoming smile so very sad, she certainly will be missed by many people all around the world, How very very sad we have all lost such a truly unique lady who inspired us all.  You may be Gone but you will never be forgotten, we will all miss you so much Elisabeth, The Norfolk world will certainly not be the same without you, R I P. X

Linda Philip A sad loss for the Norfolk world - so very very sad   I hope when we recover from the shock and sadness of Elisabeth's passing we remember the joy she got from celebrations and the gathering of friends -whether it was a picnic at the shows, or a meal at Standhall Cottage after the show of the day, or the anticipation of the 2014 celebrations. She once told me that listening to the buzz of friends chatting and laughing at her Cottage was just the best thing. In time lets celebrate her love of Norfolks and friends together.

Di Johnson We loved Elisabeth and are so sad.

Paul H Stanton  So very sad to hear, she will be sadly missed but never forgotten. One of the great Swedish exports.
Simon Parsons  So hard to take in. An unforgettable personality.
Barbara Miller   I thought of a comment Elisabeth told me years ago and it still makes me laugh whenever I think of it. Elisabeth worked for Joy Taylor as we all know as a kennel maid. Anyone who has ever witnessed Joy in action with her kennel help will appreciate Elisabeth’s comment to her mom. Having a day off Elisabeth went into Tewksbury, bought a postcard and wrote the following: “With any luck I’ll get hit by a lorry and won’t have to go back.” Now isn’t that just like Elisabeth and Joy?
Barbara Miller I was sitting at Crufts years ago with Joy Taylor and we were wondering…where’s Elisabeth as she was showing Betty…being Elisabeth she showed up 2 minutes before she was due in the ring. Everyone was getting her dog ready for her. Her remark to Joy and me was, “big girls don’t cry.” Well if memory serves me right she won the ticket.
Deborah Sutton  Norfolks and life have lost a great Champion!!!!! She and Coco are together forever. 

Loed Brinkmann  Bad news. I am in a shock. Elisabeth Matell found dead in her cottage in Malvern. I can’t believe it. Marisca

Dorothy Taylor  I grieve the loss of a very dear friend. No one will ever quite take her place. If there is a heaven I trust Elisabeth is now cuddling Betty and Coco in front of a good fire with a glass of decent red in her hand and a box of chocs beside her. What a sad day!

Inger Lundström  Clever, intelligent, artistic and humorous, devoted to our lovely I always will remember Elisabeth

Elizabeth Tobin. Lexington-Fayette, KY At this time, I would like to say a few words about Elisabeth.  Forever kind and charasmatic, but never at a loss for words, Elisabeth loved dogs, (and all animals in general). A breeder at heart, she always made time to look and appreciate a good dog, no matter what the breed. Her untimely passing should be a reminder to us all, to continue looking to the future, but also to live each day to its fullest, one day at a time. Rest in peace, Elisabeth. You will be missed.

Letisha Wubbel   Friday you were here showing us your new wallpaper worried about "joy" eating Peter’s Hermes cap........Saturday you are still here in a different way playing with the lights.... We love you and miss you (all the dogs got extra treats tonight:)

Michael Weatherill   So glad you enjoyed my silly Norfolks at Downton and the others, I hope they brought a smile to your face...I will miss you forthright and camp comments . R I P Elisabeth. Larger than life. Sleep tight and sort them Norfolks out over the bridge. Xxx

Juliet Knight Oh no. I am so shocked and devastated....she was a wonderful wonderful lady. With Coco and her beloved Joy again... bless her xox

Cathy Morgan   Such a shock and so unexpected from someone so full of life and enthusiasm. We often disagreed but frequently agreed and grudges were never held. The Norfolk world will never be quite the same without Elisabeth, a true larger than life character and Norfolk lover. She was always so lovely with my daughter Hannah. She has all Hannah's photos up in the living room and sent lovely little presents at Christmas, Easter and on her birthday. She was always disappointed if Hannah wasn’t at a show with me. When we went back to Standhall Cottage after 3 Counties or WELKS she made a point of taking Hannah up to see the Chickens, despite having so many guests to look after. Shows will definitely never be the same again. I remember being so surprised and touched when Elisabeth gave Belleville Sweet Nothings BOB and BP at Crufts as she also gave me a beautifully presented bottle of champagne too. It was a lovely touch that very few judges would do and made the occasion even more special than it already was.

Andrew Green Such a shock, hard to comprehend.

Sharon Pinkerton    I have just heard the very sad news whilst at the hotel. I am truly shocked that such a wonderful, genuine lady has gone far too soon. Such a great help to me when I first started to work at Dog World and many others along the way. R I P Elisabeth - God bless. My condolences to the family and to Rebecca who was with her xx

Debbie Mounfield   The Norfolk and dog world will never be quite the same. So shocked and saddened about the sad news! You were a wonderful lady and welcomed me into the Norfolk terrier breed world! And into your home for wonderful lunches. You will be greatly missed but never forgotten and your legacy is the beautiful Norfolk terriers left behind. Rest in peace x x

Hanne Tangenes How sad I feel that such a great lady has passed on from this world... there are few like Elisabeth around now, she will be sorely missed. A very sad loss to us and the Norfolk Terrier world.

Maxine McCullough   Such terribly sad news Elisabeth, I cannot believe the news, you were such a great lady and lived for your dogs, you will be so greatly missed by all who knew you :-(((( R I P xxx

Liz Dunhill   I just cannot believe you are gone god bless xxxxxxxxx

Lisa Winstanley    Your in our hearts forever and you will live on through Shankly our beautiful Norfolk Fluff that you brought in to the world on the 08.08.08 R I P xxxxxxxxxxx

Lisa Winstanley We had a couple of wonderful days there with Elisabeth, once when buying our Shankly and again when we visited her. Please whoever has Smartie keep me updated on her as she is my Shankly’s birth mother. xxxxx

Peter Baxter I am so sad to hear this awful news, Elisabeth was such a lovely lady, so kind and generous with her time, Windsor show will never be the same again without her presence and enthusiasm for her beloved breed. R I P Elisabeth.
Geraldine Cove-Print So sad to hear of Elisabeth's passing, a great loss to the dog fancy and to her friends all over the world.

Margaret Ruffles   Dear Elisabeth, there will never be another you. We miss you already.     Margaret and Den

Ingrid McLagan That is very sad news. Elisabeth will be missed by all Norfolk lovers. Rest in peace.
Kirsi Nieminen So sad news.
Betty Bossio So sad...
Marja Salminen   Salminen Family in Finland miss her a lot. It's so difficult to understand, that she has passed. R I P.
Betty Kristiansen We are in shock is it really true? Talk to her last week, what happened? She will be remembered in history, and we will miss her a lot. Rest in peace dear Elisabeth. Betty and Bjørn Kristiansen. Norway
Minna Partti R I P. Shocking news

Ulla Grönlund So sad she was one of the nicest and friendliest dog people I know.
Andrew Kramer Elisabeth had a major impact on Norfolk in many countries. It is so sad to hear of her passing. The Norfolk world lost a great one.
Lena Lindgren We had just started with Norfolk terriers. We bought our first from Gainsay kennel in Finland. We where at Stockholm dog show and after Norfolk was judged Elisabeth came to Bill and asked him if he was the owner of the Finnish bitch that got BOS. Bill answered yes! She said that she loved her. So nice of her. We did know who she was but she was BIG in the Norfolk world and we were new! And she took her time to find us. Lovely memory! We have had contact since then! R I P.
Emma North-Row I am totally shocked. She was wonderful to me when l was at DW. She even invited me to the Pedigree final with Betty. She was a unique personality in a world of blandness. Hope you and Joy are enjoying nattering again. I was proud to call her my friend. R I P friend. Betty will be so pleased to see you.
June Hallerberg  It is such a loss, Rest in peace Elisabeth.

Kristy Bello Herrera Such a character! I'm glad that I got the chance to meet you. You shared stories about your life, dogs and fun memories. You taught me how to make a cup of tea and told me that she would make a real English Lady out of me, ha ha! The last thing you, me and Rebecca did together was to look at pictures of Norfolks with celebrities at the computer. Who could ever guess that that was going to be out last moment? The time I spent at the Standhall Cottage was fun. Thank you Elisabeth for everything, may you rest in peace.

 Kathryn Imhoff heart is breaking..such a lovely Norfolk friend.

Sandra Wellner A great loss for the Norfolk world... R I P
Sue MacDonald Very sad and shocked to hear this news
Sissel Bjornerud OMG this is truly a tragedy . I didn’t know her well but i surely knew of her and talked briefly to her just a few days ago. R I P

Anita Lidèn R I P Elisabeth

Anna-Karin Gagnemyr So sad news. R I P Elisabeth

Jutta Langefeld  I´m so sad. A great personality has gone. It’s an enormous loss for the Norfolk people.
 Heléne Ericsson So very, very sad
Beverly Deacon What dreadful news, Elisabeth was a lovely person and will be so missed.

Christine Hitchen What a terrible terrible shock!!

Katri Haavisto Oh no, how sad

Rachel Leeson  So sad. She was a lovely lady. Another loss to the world of dogs.

Barbro Maria Karlsson  Oh no. What terrible news, so sad.

Anne Johnsen This is so sad. She was so important for the breed, and for me. I will miss her forever.

Ingunn Olaussen Oh no

Edwin Morgan just heard - phone has not stopped ringing the last 10 minutes.. what sad news -

Mia Severinsson ....omg So sad to hear this....

Ira Karvo   so sad news..I don't want to believe it

Liz Botterill   Such sad, sad news :((

Åsa Geijer   I can't believe it we will miss her a lot R I P

Derek Glas Wow, such sad news.

Andrea Smith Tragic news, a truly wonderful lady, such a great loss to us all and the Norfolk Terrier World. Sleep tight Elisabeth and god bless xx

Fiona Macartney Can't believe it. Very sad.

Anne Johnsen, Norway I will always miss you, Elisabeth Matell. You were the most generous and enthusiastic person that  I have ever met in the dog-world.  For me your inspiration and support had such a big value. Nobody can replace it. Thank you  for all that you gave to me and for all you gave to the breed I love.

Lisbet Tandefelt I did not know Elisabeth Matell personally, but as a long time Norfolk enthusiast I of course knew of her, and certainly of her beautiful dogs. And we shared some mutual friends. This is a great loss to all her friends all over the world. It is also a great loss to the Norfolk terrier.

Päivi Reijonen I am so very sorry to hear this. Strength to her loved ones in their great sorrow.
Patsy Green   How do I remember Elisabeth?  A person dedicated to her beloved dogs, who were her family.  A strong-minded person with boundless enthusiasm and energy, and always welcoming anybody with her generous hospitality.   How we will all miss Elisabeth. 

Dorothy Dorkins  What can I say?  The Norfolk world has lost its Queen. Everyone knew when Elisabeth walked in to a room and now we all know Elisabeth has left the building.   Will we never forget her.
At times she could be infuriating and other times sensible and organised, and nearly always LATE!
Her Norfolks were her life and she loved living at Standhall Cottage - that was clear.
Her hard work for the Norfolk Terrier club of GB was immense and her generosity to the club and to her friends was sometimes overwhelming.   She was strong willed and did like to have her own way, which usually turned out to be the right way.
 Elisabeth we all loved you for your character, spirit and energy.   WHY was it taken from us. Your Friend Dorothy
Ernesto Lara  Her passion and love for Norfolks was also extended to the people she knew.

Carolyn Fry  Such a sad loss...

Isabelle Nicol  Such beautiful dogs from a beautiful lady. She will be so missed by all.

Gavin Robertson  A really lovely lady, true dog lover, great breeder and always had time to speak to others Will be missed by many x

Nikolas Kanales  My deepest condolences to all her close ones! It is indeed a great loss to the whole fancy...

Billy Henderson  The dog world has lost another True dog person. R I P Elisabeth.

Robert Paust  If you knew her, you know what we all are saying about this great lady. If you did not know her then you missed a chance to know this great dog lady.

Hans Lehtinen & Johan Juslin Elisabeth, we will miss you so much.

Rosa and Bengt Thulin-Krebs.  Kennel CH Roughrider Schweiz.   Tack Elisabeth! för alla härliga hundar vi har haft genom dig. Tack för vänskap, råd och hjälp under 37 år.   Vila i ro!
(Thank you, Elisabeth! For all the beautiful dogs you gave us. Thank you for your friendship, advice and support during 37 years. Rest in peace.) 

Baerbel Lang Completely shocked I still can’t believe it. Only two weeks ago, after the club show, we were standing together and talking about the plans for the 2014 celebrations, she was full of life. 
The Norfolk Terrier world has lost a great and irreplaceable personality, always dedicated to the breed and forthright, we will miss you.

Martin Phillips I have just returned from Judging in South Africa and shocked to hear the sad news of Elisabeth's passing. A great character, breeder and true guardian of our lovely breed. I will miss my sparring partner, RIP Martin.

Andrew Gullick On my return from my trip to Montgomery I was saddened to learn the loss of such a strong character who by her own virtues commanded such respect from those around her. I will miss our debates and her wit. RIP Andrew.

Claire Achenbach   I am terrible shocked and sad, could not believe it, but you were such a love to run to where I was at the championship show 15 days ago to correct my awful trimming of my little bitch and you even helped me in the ring. You were always there to help, and now having your dog Cracknor Crossword at home and his daughter and his son, seeing them will make me think of you daily. I know you can see us all from where you are.
I was very near Elisabeth and she was such a wonderful person and I fell terrible about her leaving us all . She regularly stayed in touch with me, specially when I put a no good photo on the FB, and she gave me such wonderful advice, since years we stayed in contact by E mail.  She was really remarkable and always said what she thought. To Norfolks she is a great loss and I do not see anyone who could be like her. I would like to come to the funeral and give her my last respects. A great lady she was and will never be forgotten.

Keith & Cheryl Jones Thank you for being so kind to my wife and I when we lost our little Norfolk. So very sad that we shall not meet again on this earth. 
Goodnight and God Bless.

Gilean White, Vicbrita Maltese and Norfolk Terriers
Dear Elisabeth how we are going to miss you.
How long ago was it when I first saw you, a shy young girl, helping Joy Taylor with her dogs around the benches? We then learnt that you had come over to study Norfolks under Joy’s tutelage. I seem to remember that you had been doing rather well showing an English Setter back home in Sweden. The next time I remember you you were showing under me in Sweden in 1976.
Then you made the momentous move to England and the rest is breed and dog world history. You always had such a great sense of humour and of fun. The last time we met, at a Club Show, you greeted me with a great big Swedish hug. And I have always treasured your aside to me of ‘brave judge’ after I had awarded you two consecutive first prizes, not knowing that you were actually handling for someone else.
Farewell Elisabeth, you and your world-beating Cracknors will be in our hearts for ever.

Susan and Steve Walker We will always be grateful to Elisabeth for the beautiful gifts she gave us. It is so sad to lose her, and such a loss to the Norfolk Terrier community.

Geoff Corish   The wonderful Standhall Cottage, my dream home and somewhere where we all had great times. My room was always the one on the left hand side overlooking the beautiful countryside and the lovely peaceful church where Joy is buried. I still can't take it in. Elisabeth was so happy there and continued the Nanfan story. Elisabeth was unique and if anyone was in trouble she would be the first to offer help. 
R I P Elisabeth.

David Guy  So sorry. Elisabeth was one of the best!

Amanda Carter  You will be missed by all who knew you. Gone but never forgotten. Sleep well Angel x
Michaella Dunhill-hall   R I P Elisabeth, mum tells me how you were such a amazing woman and about all the good things you did in your successful life 
You will truly be missed by mum and me and will always be my idol xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Gunilla Jansson  I will miss you, thanks for my Cilla Black.

Susann Bjorkfall, Sweden   Dear Elisabeth, my guru. 
You knew you were my guru, I often told you.
You moved to England 1977, two years before I got my first Norfolk.
I felt so strongly that I wanted to meet you. 
1981 I went to England on vacation, by bike.  I and my best friend from school were biking from Colchester, through London to the south coast. We stayed at Youth Hostels. I called you and we arranged a meeting next day at a pub in Rye. The night before, my friend and I stayed in the little village Guestling. It was the most wonderful summer evening.  We took a walk to the local pub, had a beer and a chat with the locals. Walking back to the hostel we saw old picturesque houses with the most wonderful gardens. Extremely pleased with the day and excited for the meeting with you the next day I told my friend –If I ever will have a prefix, a  kennelname, it will be Guestling.
You brought my favourite, Ch.Nanfan Sweetcorn. We were talking, talking, eating, talking and laughing! Since that day you were my guru!
And now, what can I say?
I cannot believe, I do not want to believe, that I never will see you again.
Dear Elisabeth, I miss you terribly. It was so much more to be said and done.

The following tribute to Elisabeth Matell has already been published in Dog World. 
My condolences to your club in your loss.
Yours sincerely
Glen Dymock
It was such a shock to hear the news that Elisabeth Matell had died, as she was such a force of nature and so full of life – people like that seem like they are going to live forever.
Others will write about Elisabeth's achievements as the clever breeder of the hugely successful Cracknor Norfolk Terriers but I would like to say a few words about what it was like to work with Elisabeth at Dog World.
Her attention to detail was legendary when it came to preparing breeders' adverts for the Dog World Annual and breed notes. She had a natural eye for what made an advert stand out – usually merely a large photo and as few words as possible – and her grasp of English, especially given that it was not her first language, was outstanding and in fact better than that of most English people. She was always outraged when someone put an apostrophe in the wrong place!

Any visit to her office would usually reveal what was on Radio 4 (it was rarely off except for when she played Otis Redding tapes), and there was sometimes a hopeful Norfolk Terrier puppy scampering around which would soon be plonked on a desk and pulled to pieces in a kind of office-based ringcraft lesson. 

Elisabeth was enormous fun with a larger-than-life personality. Over the years, her colleagues at Dog World would share in the excitement of her dogs' wins, but little did we imagine that 'Betty' and 'Coco' (Ch Cracknor Call My Bluff and Ch Cracknor Cause Celebre) would scale the heights they did, with both being BIS winners and of course Coco sweeping all before her at Crufts. There was many an office party during that period, with Elisabeth happily supplying wine, cake and nibbles for all in her usual generous fashion.
Elisabeth had a taste for the good things in life and would often live beyond her means. However, if pay day was around the corner, funds were low and she heard it was your birthday, she would run and buy you a bottle of champagne. That was the sort of person she was.
She also displayed at times a certain vulnerability which served only to endear her to people even more. A very striking woman with natural Swedish blonde good looks, she would sometimes worry about her appearance even when she looked wonderful. She was always immaculately turned out, and I recall vividly what a stylish figure she made when she judged at Crufts in her cowgirl boots!
Always brimming with ideas, chatty, bossy, sometimes exasperating, generous to a fault, a true character in every sense and always interesting to talk to – that is how I shall remember her. Elisabeth's death will be an enormous blow to the Norfolk Terrier world and her many friends worldwide to whom I send my sympathy.

Beverley WatkinsNorwich Terrier Breed Notes, also first published in Dog World.
The sudden, untimely and unexpected death of Elisabeth Matell of the Cracknor Norfolk Terriers has shocked us all.  Elisabeth had never owned a Norwich as Norfolks were her life but she had been a member of the Norwich Terrier Club for many years.

She will be remembered for many things.  One which sticks in my mind is how to spell her name – she was annoyed when anyone spelt her name with a ‘z’, as in our Queen.  She always used to say ‘there is no ‘z’ in Swedish’.  Elisabeth bred many nice Norfolks over the years but the two most famous are of course Ch. Cracknor Cause Celebre (Coco), Best in Show at Crufts 2005 and Ch. Cracknor Call My Bluff (Betty) winner of 27 CCs (the breed record) and the first Norfolk to win an all-breed Championship Show Best in Show.  Elisabeth spent hours in her little Polo car going up and down the country from her home in Ashford Kent to campaign Betty.  She was well known for her organisation and ideas for events, from the very successful Millennium Show, the 2007 joint anniversary show to her strawberries and cream parties at Windsor Championship Show.  She had been newsletter editor and handbook editor for the Norfolk Terrier Club for many years and was also a very active committee member.  When Joy Taylor (Nanfan Norfolks) passed away Elisabeth was very lucky to be able to live at Standhall Cottage near Malvern.  She knew she was lucky and when she and I corresponded by e-mail I would give her a weather forecast from Essex and she would let me have one from Paradise which is she called Standhall Cottage – she was obviously very happy there.

Elisabeth will be a very hard act to follow and her enthusiasm for the handbook and newsletter will be difficult to replace.

Elisabeth at home

Michael Bellamy. Photo with three puppies. 
This is a photo of Elisabeth at Standhall with her last litter Joy, Pimms and Cilla. We had three dogs from her over the years. I'm sure we shall all miss her a great deal. Life was always fun when she was about.

Ruth Corkhill. Two weeks after the shocking news of Elisabeth’s sudden death & I still cannot get my head around this fact – & can’t believe it’s really true. She was such a strong & lively character wherever she went. I value her friendship & wonderful enthusiasm, hard work & support for the planning & running of the joint Norfolk & Norwich 75th celebrations in 2007. I truly could not have kept up the momentum required without her – we had many a late night phone discussion & even later email exchanges, not to mention a whirlwind trip down to Kent to visit the rosette workshop. She had a constant stream of ideas, most of which came to fruition. We had some fun subcommittee meetings in “Paradise” enjoying her renowned hospitality & tasty food. 
The very first time I visited her at home was in Ashford after Lesley Crawley & I had been to Dover to collect a Norwich. We phoned to say we were nearly with her & she said “no you can’t come yet I need to cut the dogs’ nails”!! Nevertheless her welcome was great & she produced a lovely meal while we chatted.
Over the past few years we have exchanged countless “funny” emails & now when I receive one I have to stop myself adding her name to the list when forwarding it on, thinking “Elisabeth would love this one”. I will miss the ones from her with an attachment & the plea “I can’t open this sort”- I open it & email back a resume to keep her entertained!
She bred & showed some top quality Norfolks & was the breed’s most staunch supporter in every way.  She & I agreed to differ on our preferences in type & she didn’t often agree with my judging – especially when I favoured another bitch over “Betty”, but she used a quote from my critique in her next advert!, which I took as a back handed compliment! In those days we didn’t really know each other very well but in the last decade came to understand each other more & found we had common ideas & interests, & developed a good friendship. (including being fellow Archers’ addicts!)
I shall miss going to “Paradise” after shows at Three Counties, & other social visits. Shows will not be the same without her presence, they will seem rather flat, & no longer will we say “where’s Elisabeth, her class is next.....Oh here she is, just in time as usual!”-  with several exhibitors & spectators bustling around her to get the dog ready in double quick time. Then in she would go & no doubt win the class & maybe the CC, to the amusement & frustration of competitors who had been at the show for hours preparing their dogs in plenty of time. Then there were the picnics at Summer shows – these need to continue in the same spirit.
It was lovely to know you Elisabeth & have happy memories forever.
My sympathy to her close friends losing her so suddenly & unexpectedly.
I do hope my grammar, spelling & punctuation are correct dear friend?!

David Ridout and Judith McHugh We will always be grateful to Elisabeth for her kind words and support when our precious Norfolk, Blossom, passed away in April 2010. At that time we wanted to put a small memorial in the club newsletter for Blossom and so we contacted Elisabeth. She was really so very helpful and ensured that our tribute to Blossom was published. It was a real shock to see the announcement of such sad news about Elisabeth on the Club website.

David and Lucinda de Winton and Bertie We are very very saddened by the loss of Elisabeth Matell, we met her in January and also in Feburary.  We have one of her dogs Cracknor Clapton (Bertie), his father was Elvis.  We adore our dog, who is happy, full of life and loves people and dogs alike just like Elisabeth.  May she rest in peace.  

Gunilla Jansson
Tack Elisabeth! Jag fick äran att köpa din black&tan valp Cilla Black. Hade många roliga telefonsamtal med dig innan den stora dagen när jag hämtade Cilla på Arlanda. Hann bara gå en vecka sen kom det hemska beskedet att du hade gått bort. Hade så svårt att förstå eftersom vi hade pratat med varann dagen innan och jag fick berätta om lilla Cilla. Hade hoppas få många goda råd i framtiden men så blev det inte tyvärr. Nu måste jag förvalta den fina Cilla väl, hon är en fantastisk hund. Tack Elisabeth.

Rozen Maroc