Fun Day 2004

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The Norwich and Norfolk
FUN DAY 2004


The Norwich and Norfolk Fun Day, organised this year by the Norwich Terrier Club, took place on Sunday August 8th 2004. As usual it was a great success, enjoyed by all, and the weather was excellent. Our thanks to the Norwich Terrier Club for their hospitality.

Fun Day 2004

As a special event this year a DRAW YOUR DOGcompetition was organised, which attracted an excellent entry of paintings, drawings and painted stones, which were displayed at one end of the hall.   There were two sections, judged by Bruce and Eileen Nicholls.

Results of the Junior Section:
1st Celia Marino
2nd Polly Marino
3rd Tomas Marino

Fun Day 2004
Celia Marino 8 years


Fun Day 2004
Polly Marino 12 years


Fun Day 2004
Tomas Marino 7 years


Adult Section:
1st Cherry Howard
2nd Rosanna Miles
3rd G.J. Manning
VHC J. Corkhill

Fun Day 2004
Cherry Howard's winning painting of 'Badger'


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(Photos taken by Cherry Howard).

Fun Day 2004
Jon Rudkin judges sausage catching


Fun Day 2004
Pat Wilson presented the rosettes


Fun Day 2004
Ruth Corkhill's puppy competes in the Terrier Racing


Fun Day 2004
Terrier Racing. 
Bill Gray's & John Mackison's puppies compete



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The Norwich and Norfolk

FUN DAY 2004

These are the principle prize winners - congratulations!
Class 1. Dog with the Waggiest Tail
1st    Bonzo
2nd   Hovis
3rd    Balti
4th    Izzy
5th    Poppy
Class 2. Prettiest Bitch
1st    Poppy
2nd   Komotion
3rd   Krunchie
4th   Martha
5th   Mandy
Class 3. Most Handsome Dog
1st    Rocky
2nd   Jack
3rd   Skipper
4th   Campbell
5th   Hovis
Class4. Dog the Judge would most like to take home
1st   Izzy
2nd   Paddy
3rd   Balti
4th   Douglas
5th   Cobweb
Class 5. Dog most like its owner
1st   Crisp
2nd   Cobweb
3rd   Browse
4th   Keo
5th   Toby
Class 6. Best 6 legs
1st   Skipper
2nd   George
3rd   Poppy
4th   Komotion
5th   Martha
Class 7. Best sausage catcher
1st   Izzy
2nd  Teddy
3rd   Jack
Best Veteran over 7 years.
1st   Jessie, 8
2nd   George, 9
3rd   Magic, 10
4th   Clary, 8 ½
5th   Boyce, 7
Class 9. Who’s a clever dog? (Tricks)
3 entered, No. 64 name? Paddy and Skipper. 
The judge thought they were all great and awarded all 1stprizes.  
Class 10. Best from over 100 miles
1st   Jack
2nd  Bumble
3rd   Krunchie
4th   Teddy
5th   Poppy
Class 11. Best family of dogs from the same household
1st   Hannah, Daisy, Sunday
2nd   Komotion, Krunchie
3rd   Pippin, Teddy, Lulu
4th   Lucy, Jack
5th   Browse, Margot.
Class 12. Junior Handling (6-11 years)
1st   Kristian with Krunchie
2nd  Felicity with Crisp
3rd   Flossy with handler
4th   Amy with Poppy
5th   George with handler
Class 13.
Junior Handler (12-16 years)
1st   Megan with Paddy
2nd Sally with Skipper
Overall Junior Handler Winner
Kristian with Krunchie
Adult Handler. Judged by Junior Handler Winner
1st   George
2nd   Tigga
3rd   Bonzo
Junior Fancy Dress
Won by Sally with Skipper as a wizard and her assistant.
Skipper also did tricks.