Fun Day 2003


The Norfolk and Norwich Funday was this year hosted by the Norfolks at Baginton on Sunday 24th August. 
A great time was had by all, the weather was superb, if a little warm by the end of the afternoon, and the few committee members who were there (the date clashed with a championship show as well as the Bank holiday) did a wonderful job.
Jon Rudkin was the brains behind the Fun Day, and the MC, and seemed to enjoy the sausage-catching, and eating, contest almost as much as the dogs! Jon was assisted by Diane Tite and Chief Steward Sally Brown.
Cherry Howard and Diane Tite took entries in the morning and Pete Hulance and John Mackison took over this task in the afternoon.
Ron and Sally Willbie were the official photographers and Sue Meads and her band made a wonderful job of catering as usual. Colin Meads also managed to win Best 6 legs and the waggiest tail while helping with the food!
Allenby and Jill Stevenson brought the agility equipment and Jill spent her day giving grooming advice and micro chipping, whilst Allenby seemed to be everywhere at once!
Beverley Watkins ran the raffle. Brian Baxter stewarded the Racing.
The Stands of both clubs did great business. The Norfolk Stand gets bigger each time I see it and was, of course, manned by The Dorkins Clan. I must say it was good to see Gina looking so well again after her recent problems. 
The Norwich Stand is run by Marian and Graeme Parker who can be reached by email on
One thing that really was impressive was the number of children having a great time with their dogs, I do so hope that with the new junior section we can keep them interested because without them we will have no club!
The junior fancy dress was the best I have seen to date. A couple of the children not only dressed the part, they had also trained the dogs to perform tricks in keeping with the costumes! Those of us who show know how difficult it is to train terriers at all, yet here was a youngster who, as a clown had her dog, in costume, jump through a hoop and then play dead when it was “shot” with a water pistol. Another was a lion tamer complete with little lion in full costume. 
All in all a great day out, thank you to all concerned on behalf of the participating members.

Dorothy Taylor