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What If The Worst Happened?


Making sure of the best for your Norfolk



Recently there have been posts on Facebook about Norfolks and Norwich in Rescue organisations needing new homes. At least one of these cases, the breeder recognised the dogs and would have been happy to have them back and find the right new homes for them, thus saving them going into rescue. Generally once the dogs have been taken in by a rescue organisation it has proven impossible for the breeder (even with a contract saying for them to be returned) or the Club to access the rescued dogs.


How does this happen?


There are a number of reasons why a dog may end up in Rescue but there are other options for our much loved Norfolks:

  • If your circumstances change (for ANY reason) and you are unable to look after/keep your dog, then your first point of contact should be your breeder who should be willing to help in the relocation of your Norfolks.

  • In case there is a problem with this option, then always contact the Club Rescue or Club Secretary – details on the inside cover of the Newsletter and on the Club website.

  • What if you have been in an accident and your relatives or neighbours are trying to do the best for your dogs? They need certain information to immediately help your dogs in line with your wishes (see below).

  • The crisis may not always be permanent and it could be that your dogs just need temporary care. That could be your preferred boarding kennel or still your breeder or the Club for help finding a solution.

  • If you do phone the Breeder or the Club, please let them know that it is for urgent relocation of the dogs – and whether temporary or permanent.


What can we do?


We all need to let people know our wishes and the contact details.


In a crisis, your relatives and neighbours haven’t got time to search through papers so it would be a good idea to have them all available – maybe in a ‘Dog’ envelope on the side of the fridge. Or a copy with relatives and neighbours.

The details should include your breeders name and phone number, the club contacts and website for the latest information. Include your dogs name, and pedigree name, plus the food they are on and any medication. Also where any spare medication is stored. Include the vets name and number too.

A blank form to make this easy is available to download below:


Emergency Contact Form for your Norfolk(s)



Emergency Contact Form for any other pets