Discover Dogs 2008

Discover Dogs Earls Court, London,
Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November 2008

Our gallant band of Discover Dogs supporters braved the weather and the credit crunch to fly the Norfolk flag at Earls Court and they were rewarded with the joy and happiness of the many visitors who loved meeting the wonderful dogs.
The Norfolks had the greatest fun greeting their admirers and it was generally agreed that they are THE breed to choose.
Thank you to Chris Smith, Cherry Howard, Carolyn Hoare and her foster children, Nobuko Matsumura and Diamond, Cherry Stones, Anne Blackman, Sue Inman, Pam Mobsby, and Valerie Montgomery with her Norfolk who has had a footballer named after him, Roonie.

Sally Willbie

Discover Dogs 2008Discover Dogs 2008Discover Dogs 2008Discover Dogs 2008Discover Dogs 2008Discover Dogs 2008Discover Dogs 2008


Discover Dogs Crufts March 6th-9th, 2008
(Terriers on March 9th.)

Discover Dogs 2008  
First I would like to thank all the wonderful band of volunteers, Mrs Davis, Jane Lloyd  Maureen McPhee, Sue Wilding, Rosalie Rider, Val Montgomery, Gail Simpson, Mrs Howes, Sue Inman, Juliet Knight, Mrs Haynes and all their friends and partners and husbands, and of course the DOGS.  You all did a wonderful job.
     All 4 days where very busy, Saturday and Sunday probably the busiest.  The main topic of interest was tails,   what do they look like, how long do they grow. We had a few photos to show people and a number of the volunteer dogs had tails so that was good. 
      Gina and myself were there on the Wednesday afternoon to decorate the booth, the halls are very cold and noisy with all the large stands being built, but it is good fun to having a laugh and a joke with fellow organisers.  It always takes longer than you think to do the booth, trying to make the most of the photos and info sheets and to make it look attractive.
      We were staying in our caravan just 10minutes away, so when we were done it was back to the caravan and walk the dogs and have some tea.
      We took Chick Chick and Misty and they did their fair share on the booth for 3 days as on the Sunday we had the breed club stand at ring side to run and Chick Chick was shown.  So that was a extra busy day.  Lisa Charnock  came on the Sunday to help us on the club stands she was wonderful and made our job a lot easier.  Thank you Lisa.
     Any way it’s over for another year, we had lots of fun but very tired now, I hope every one who helped also had a good time, and we will see you next

Dorothy Dorkins.

Sue Inman and her Norfolks man the Discover Dogs booth.
Sue Inman and her Norfolks man the Discover Dogs booth.
Discover Dogs 2008