Buying. If you wish to buy a Norfolk Terrier puppy, your first step will be to talk to a breeder. The Breeder List on this website is a good starting point but be warned, Norfolks have very small litters and are only bred in moderation

A visit to a breeder’s kennels gives a good idea of the Norfolk Terrier character and it also helps the owners to be sure that you will provide a good home for their puppy. Expect a rigorous examination and offer references if necessary. Breeders have to be certain that their puppies are not passed on to unapproved markets or other possible undesirable destinations.

Whilst the Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain is always pleased to receive messages from visitors to the website in Guest Book, please note that this should not be used for puppy enquiries.


Selling. You can be added to the Breeders List as long as you have been a member of the Club for at least one year.

The Committee has made some changes regarding the operation of the Breeders List. The Newsletter list gives the kennel name, location of breeder and contact details only. This list will be given out at Discover Dogs.

The Website list, and the postal/email list sent out by the secretary, allows additionally a short pen portrait, a website address if you have one, a note of dogs at stud and KC Assured Breeder etc.

The cost is a flat fee of £10 for the Newsletter list, Website and postal/email list but you may opt out of any of these if you wish.

Please note that if you wish to go on the list after the closing date for the year (31st January), your name will go on the website list and email/postal list only.

For additions to the lists please send your cheque for £10 with details of wording to

Beverley Watkins, 59 Warren Drive, Elm Park, Hornchurch, Essex RM12 4QZ

email: beverleywatkinsntc@hotmail.co.uk

Tel: 01708 473897

All additions or alterations must go only to Beverley Watkins.


Norfolk Terrier puppies
Norfolk Terrier puppies