Fun Day 2018

2018 FUN DAY

I think it was a post on FaceBook that said “we had sun, we had rain, but most of all we had fun” and I think that sums up this year’s event on Saturday 25th August quite nicely.

The event was once again sponsored by Fish 4 Dogs, so everyone registering a dog received a Goodie Bag of treats and food samples. We had over 100 dogs registered to take part in the classes, more than we’ve ever had before I think, and there were loads of new faces attending their first Fun Day which was brilliant to see. One of those first timers said to me “I got out the car, and a smile spread across my face and hasn’t left it since, all these lovely dogs having such fun!” That’s what it’s all about.

Things got off to a start at just after 11; the classes were huge and our judges did an amazing job picking out the Cutest, the Handsomest and the Prettiest. A mention must go to our Golden Oldie this year, a lovely Westie called Chloe (now an Honorary Norfolk) who was just a week or two short of her 19th birthday – amazing little dog! The Waggiest Tail class, of 50+ dogs, was just reaching its final stages when a torrential downpour sent everyone running for cover. Luckily, the catering team were JUST ready for lunch so we took the decision to take an early break and give things a chance to dry out. After an hour, we started again with the Sausage Catching, but once again were sent scurrying inside as the rain returned in another torrential downpour. So, we improvised and did that class indoors. The change of venue did not put off Norfolk Lottie Pinnell however, who took the trophy for the third year running!!!

Thankfully the rain did not defeat us again and we were able to finish the rest of the day back outside.

Sadly there were no juniors in the Fancy Dress this year, but boy did the adults do us proud again, as you can see from the photographs. It is always so difficult to pick out a winner in this class, so much thought and effort having gone into the costumes.

And so to what is always the highlight of the day for me, the racing! I don’t know what it is about running along with a potato on a wooden spoon that brings out the competitive spirit in people - The Egg and Spoon Race once again had everyone in stitches, with Harry Russell take the spoils in a “photo finish”. The Baginton Bullet was the closest ever, with a new Champion in the shape of Martyn and Janet Howes’ Norfolk puppy Cabhan – who also took the Puppy Race – could he be the new Bert Waters and be our Champion for years to come? The man himself, Bert, now 10 years old, still managed to come in third would you believe!

Temptation Alley was moved to the last event of the day, to prevent any food providing a distraction for the ‘pure’ races – for the longest while we didn’t think we’d actually get anyone past the line, as neither Norfolk nor Norwich seemed able to resist the call of sausages, Schmakos and Gravy Bones – but eventually we had three in the final and it was another puppy who triumphed, young Norfolk Billy Aughton.

I cannot end without mentioning that four Norfolks achieved their KC Good Citizen Bronze Awards as well (Button, Benji, Billie and Archie) – major achievement, well done to dogs and owners alike!

There are a lot of people to thank for it being such a wonderful day: our superb catering team of Heather Campbell, her mum Lesley, Michael Philip and Katie Sant who coped admirably with the sudden influx of customers well before lunch was supposed to be served, thanks to the torrential rain; Beverley Watkins for sorting out all the judges, doing the Quiz and Name the Teddy; Andre Hess for the lovely photos; the ladies on the Norfolk and Norwich Stands; ‘Mrs Raffle’, mum Joan Simpson; everyone who helped set up in the morning and dismantle at the end of the day; my fellow Steward Martyn Howes; and Sarah Brown for doing the KC Good Citizen Awards – but most of all, thanks to everyone who came and didn’t run away at the first sign of the rain – it is YOUR day and without YOU it would be nothing!

Gail Simpson


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From Beverley Watkins


What another great day we had at the Fun Day on Bank Holiday weekend.

I always organise a ‘Name The Bear’ competition and a quiz.

This year the bear was won by Sarah Brown who correctly named her ‘Pest’.  Pest was the name of a very special Norwich Terrier who passed away earlier this year.


This year the quiz was correctly completed by around 8 people from 40 given out and the first one pulled out of the hat was filled in by Helen Bestwick.  If anyone would like to set a quiz for future use please send to me, I do run out of ideas.

The answers to the questions for this year are:


1.   What breed of dog is the film star Lassie?      Rough Collie

2.  What breed of dog is the film star Rin Tin Tin?               German Shepherd Dog

3.  Finish the title of this film: 101 ..........?             Dalmatians

4.  What brand of paint is advertised by an Old English Sheepdog?            Dulux

5.  What is the name of the dog in the film The Wizard of Oz?      Toto

6.  Which of these breeds is not in the terrier group: Norfolk, Glen of Imaal, Schnauzer ?               Schnauzer

7.  Unravel this breed of dog:  heraffnescnip (clue – it is a toy breed)       Affenpinscher

8.  And this one:  reiritteshs (clue – it is a gun dog)            Irish Setter

9.  What is the wild dog of Australia called?                          Dingo

10. Which of these breeds is the taller – English Springer Spaniel or the Sussex Spaniel                   English Springer Spaniel

Away  from dogs

11. Which animals featured in the book Watership Down?            Rabbits

12. What animal is the symbol of the World Wide Fund for Nature?          Panda

13. What birds are in residence at the Tower of London?                               Ravens

14. On what continent would you find Pandas (in the wild)?        Asia

15.  Name a chocolate bar named after a bird.                    Penguin

16. What is the fastest land animal?                         Cheetah

17. Which of these is not a fish – trout, perch, frog?         Frog

18. What is the tallest land animal?                          Giraffe

19. To what group of animals do the snakes and lizards belong?                 Reptiles

20. Which of these birds is not native to the UK – blue tit, cockatoo, robin?          Cockatoo

Beverley Watkins


Sarah Brown with her prize



Norfolk and Norwich Terrier Fun day – 25 August 2018



Class 1 – Cutest Puppy

  1. Ted (Norfolk) – Stephanie, Stephen and Beckie Johnson

  2. Rowan (Norwich) – Julie and Martin Campion

  3. Norman (Norfolk) – Alison Hatfield

  4. Harry (Norfolk) – Sylvia Postle

  5. Florence (Norwich) – Janice Burden

Class 2 – Handsomest Dog

  1. Kasper (Norfolk) – Anthony Bestwick

  2. Gordon (Norfolk) – Zoe and Benedict Long

  3. Bertie (Norfolk) – Trish Sheffield

  4. Roger (Norfolk) – Dee Holdsworth

  5. Arlo (Norfolk) – Karen Beaton

Class 3 – Prettiest Bitch

  1. Dolly (Norwich) – Lynn Davies

  2. Tulah (Norfolk) – Harry Russell

  3. Bitsy (Norfolk) – Moira Williams

  4. Tessa (Norfolk) – Anthony and Tessa McDermott

  5. Button (Norfolk) – Jane Freeman

Class 4 – Golden Oldie

  1. Chloe (Westie) Age 18 years – Dawn Webb

  2. Amber (Norfolk) Age 12 – Monica and Ray Stevens

  3. Rossie D (Norfolk) Age 14 – Chris Davies

  4. Nugget (Norwich) Age 15 – Kaye Dix

  5. Scarlet (Norwich) Age 9 – Erin


Class 5 – Waggiest Tail

  1. Ozzie (Norfolk) – Richard Roberts

(other placings lost due to torrential rainstorm)

Class 6 – Best Sausage Catcher

  1. Lottie (Norfolk) – Sue Pinnell

  2. Pablo (Jack Russell) – Harry Russell

Class 7 – Best Trick

  1. Cyril (Norwich) – Alison Hayes

  2. Bert (Norfolk) – Pauline Waters

  3. Bertie (Norfolk) – Trish Sheffield

Class 8 – Best Six Legs

  1. Dolly (Norwich) – Mustafa

  2. Gordon (Norfok) – Benedict Long

  3. Tulah (Norfolk) – Harry Russell

  4. Roger (Norfolk) – Dee Holdsworth

  5. Scarlett (Norwich) – Erin

Class 9 - Junior Handling 6-11 years

  1. Bodhi (Norfolk) – Lauren Bridges

  2. Gordon (Norfolk) – Benedict Long

Class 10 – Junior Handling 12-16 years

  1. Piper (Norwich) – Oliwia Dragon

  2. Rosie (Norfolk) – ?

Best Junior Handler Trophy Winner

Oliwia Dragon with Piper

Class 11 Junior Fancy Dress

No entries


Class 12 Adult Fancy Dress

  1. Trish Sheffield and Bertie (Witches of Norfolk)

  2. Heather Ingram and Ted(Man’s Bee Friend)

  3. Sarah Brown with Dougal and Toby (Little Miss Muffett)

  4. Melanie Southerns and Alfie (Paddington Bear)

  5. Anthony Bestwick with Tilly and Kasper (Superman/Wonder Woman)

Class 13 Egg and Spoon Race

  1. Piper (Norwich) – Harry Russell

Class 14 Temptation Alley

  1. Billy (Norfolk) – Karen Aughton

Terrier Racing

Puppies (6-12 months) - Cabhan (Norfolk) – Janet Howes

Dogs - Gordon (Norfolk) – Benedict Long

Bitches Cassie (Norfolk) – Karen Beaton

Veterans Connor (Norfolk) – Liz Moore

Baginton Bullet Trophy

  1. Cabhan (Norfolk) – Janet Howes 3.13secs

  2. Cassie (Norfolk) – Karen Beaton 3.38secs

  3. Bert (Norfolk) - Pauline Waters 3.39secs

  4. Gordon (Norfolk) – Benedict Long 3.54secs

  5. Skye (Norfolk) – Isobel West 3.55secs