Fun Day 2017

The Norfolk and Norwich Fun Day, this year organised by the Norwich Club, took place on August 26th 2017.


I really do not know where to start with reporting on the Fun Day.  I think there were more people and dogs than ever before in attendance and it seems that a good time was had by all.  The weather was kind to us and was overcast in the morning, got a bit too warm at midday and then clouded over again in the afternoon.  Thanks must go to everyone who helped out on the day.  Firstly to club members Lynne and David who arrived very early to help set out the chairs and tables.  We use the chairs to mark out the ring.  At the end of the day this all has to be reversed and thankfully quite a few people who were there put their own chairs away.  Mary McLaughlin and Jill’s friend Carol were kept extremely busy taking entries for the fun classes and the racing, Martyn Howes and Jill Stevenson were the very capable stewards who spent all day calling in the classes and supervising the racing, Ruth Corkhill went round with the raffle and did extremely well on her own taking what I think was a record amount, which certainly helps the club to pay for the day.

Ian and I went round with a name the teddy and dog.  Yes, this year we had two prizes kindly donated by Mary.  I had also organised a quiz based on doggy facts which no one who had a go at got 100% right.  Four people had one wrong and the winner was picked from those.  I did pose the question which of these is not a terrier, Sealyham, Yorkshire or Welsh.  It was surprising how many people thought a Welsh was not a terrier.  I think we had a record number of entries into the fancy dress which this year was won by Sarah Brown.  The results of the classes are listed below and our thanks go to Martyn for his work in getting them ready for us.

This year we had new caterers which I think people were very happy with.  As it was their first year catering for us they did not know what to expect but, if we have them back in the future, I will ask them to provide more choice of hot meals.  I did not get around to trying them but the chips looked good.  The bacon and sausage rolls went down very well early on in the day.


Beverley Watkins






Norfolk and Norwich Terrier Fun Day 26 August 2017


Class 1 – Dog with the Waggiest Tail ( Judge Sarah Brown)

  1. Bill (Norfolk) – Steve Johnson
  2. Bertie (Norfolk) - Trish Sheffield
  3. Mavis (Norfolk) – Julie Jones

  4. Arlo (Norfolk) – Chris Beaton

  5. Rosie (Norfolk) – Jane McDowell

Class 2 – Prettiest Bitch ( Judge Ruth Gee)

  1. Scarlet (Norwich) – Rachel Boer

  2. Millie (Norfolk) - Susie Loag

  3. Nora (Norwich) – Karen Page

  4. Henrietta (Norfolk) – Mrs Pritchard

  5. Cassie (Norfolk) – Chris Beaton

Class 3 – Handsomest Dog ( Judge Ruth Gee)

  1. Cal (Norfolk) – Jo Bartup

  2. Ted (Norwich) – Dave Webb

  3. Gordon (Norfolk) – Benedict Long

  4. Bert (Norfolk) – The Waters family

  5. Basil (Norwich) – Mr Short

Class 4 – Dog the Judge would most like to take home ( Judge Angela Kirk-Ashby)

  1. Ted (Norfolk) – Heather Ingram

  2. Cedric (Norfolk) – Caroline Bailey

  3. Scarlett (Norwich) – Rachel Boer

  4. Toby (Norfolk) – Sarah Brown

  5. Brian (Norwich) – Lynne Davies

Class 5 – Best Sausage Catcher ( Judge Martyn Howes)

  1. Lottie (Norfolk) – Sue Pinnell (Lottie defended her title from last year)

  2. Izzy (Norfolk) – Jane McDowell and Alfie (Norfolk) Melanie Sutton

  3. Sky (Norfolk) – Isobel West and Brandy (Norfolk)- Mrs Rider

Class 6 - Best Veteran Dog or Bitch ( Judge Sally Brown)

  1. Nugget (Norwich) – Kay Dix

  2. Sprite (Norwich) – Geraldine Cassidy, Rosie (Norfolk) – Jane McDowell and Lizzy (Norwich) – Doreen Bell

  3. Dinky (Norfolk) – Amanda Lipon-Brown

Class 7 - Most Appealing Puppy ( Judge Marian Parker)

  1. Pippin (Norfolk) – Siobhan Fury

  2. Henrietta (Norfolk) – Ms. Pritchard

  3. Nellie (Norwich) – Karen Page

  4. Tosh (Norfolk) – Anthony McDermott

  5. Cedric (Norfolk) – Caroline Bailey

Class 8 – Best Family from the same Household ( Judge Tony Pinnell}

  1. Caiseal, Maeve and Caitlin {Norfolks) – Janet Howes

  2. Tessa and Tosh (Norfolks) – Anthony McDermott

  3. Rosie and Gertie (Norfolks) – Dave Orchard

  4. Robbie and Freddie (Norwichs) - Graeme Parker

  5. Dilly, Frankie and Rachel (Norwich and Dachshund) – Rachel Boer

Class 9 – Best Six Legs ( Judge Janet Howes)

  1. Lizzie (Norwich) – Doreen Bell

  2. Dora (Norfolk) – Fiona McCartney

  3. Bill (Norfolk) – Steve Johnson

  4. Gordon (Norfolk) – Zoe Long

  5. Amber (Norfolk) – Mr Stevens

Class 10 – Best 100 Miles or over Travelled ( Judge Graeme Parker)

  1. Basil (Norwich) – Mr Short

  2. Mavis (Norfolk) – Julie Jones

  3. Winifred (Norfolk) – Julie Jones

  4. Gordon (Norfolk) – Benedict Long

  5. Sky (Norfolk) – Isobel West

Class 11 – Most talented Dog or Bitch

  1. Ted (Norfolk) – Heather Ingram

  2. Ollie (Norfolk) – Christine Tickle

  3. Sky (Norfolk) – Isobel West

Class 12 – Junior Handling ( Judge Isobel West}

  1. Benedict Long with Gordon (Norfolk)

Class 13 – Adult Handling ( Judge Isobel West)

  1. Mr Short with Basil (Norwich)

Best handler Overall

Benedict Long

Class 14 – Adult Fancy Dress ( Judges Sally Brown and Angela Kirk-Ashby)

  1. Toby, Dougal and Hector – Sarah Brown

  2. Bertie – Trish Sheffield

  3. Bertie – Debbie Black

  4. Ollie – Christine Tickle

  5. Mavis – Steve Johnson

Terrier racing – Winners

Any breed other than Norfolk or Norwich – Walter (Steff)

Puppy under 1 year – Coco (Doreen Bell)

Dogs – Bertie (Debbie Black)

Bitches – Izzy (Jane McDowall)

Veterans (over 7 years) – Bert (The Waters Family)

Egg and Spoon – Robbie (Susie Long)


The Melbeck Baginton Bullet

  1. Sky - Isobel West 2.57 seconds

  2. Lottie – Sue Pinnell 3.13 seconds

  3. Toby – Sarah Brown 3.14 seconds

  4. Caitlin – Janet Howes 3.21 seconds

  5. Dougal – Anthony Booth 3.22 seconds