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The AGM of the Norfolk Terrier Club of G.B saw the retirement of the Chairman, Allenby Stevenson, the Acting Secretary, John Mackison, and from the committee, Gail Simpson, who has just been elected Secretary, Elisabeth Matell, who will still be newsletter editor, and the very long-serving committee member, Sally Willbie who has served on the committee for over 30 years, and at various times has been newsletter editor, official photographer, Norfolk Terrier Stand assistant, the Rescue representative, the Discover Dogs organiser and President. She, with Cherry Howard, is a joint Web Secretary, a task she will continue.
These committee members have all served the Club with great diligence and dedication and will be sorely missed.

The new Officers and committee were elected as follows:
President:  Dorothy Dorkins
Treasurer: Juliet Knight
Secretary: Gail Simpson
Committee Chairman: Patsy Green
André Hess, Cherry Howard, Helena Jupp, Cherry Stones were re-elected to the committee together with new members Gina Dorkins, Pam Harris, Linda Philip, Judy Mackison and Jill Stevenson.  
Sally Brown is taking over the Stand from Dorothy and Gina Dorkins who have brought it up to new heights.

Norfolk Terrier Club of GB Annual General Meeting 2008.

Dorothy Dorkins gave the President's Introduction
and afterwards presented the members' annual trophies and awards

Linda Philip's Sa Ch Macsnest Nik The Kaluha at Collaton won the Nanfan Stud Trophy

Gail Simpson won the Colonsay Dixy Shield with Megalex Measure Twice

And Gail also won the Nathan Shield with the same dog

And the Bartonwin Trophy

Dot Britten accepted the Maplehurst Bowl for Diane Jenkins' Ch Krisma Crossfire

Christine Smith's Richell Cognac Diamond won the American Points Trophy

Maureen McPhee with her banner for Ch Foxhouse Firedance

John Mackison, Allenby Stevenson, Juliet Knight and Dorothy Dorkins
preside at the AGM for the last time together

Sally Brown, left, is now running the Club stand, assisted here by Barbara Norman

'The new members of the committee are:

Linda Philip

Judy Mackison

Jill Stevenson

Gina Dorkins

Gail Simpson is the Club's new Hon Secretary

Club members who wish to sell their puppies through the Club must complete a new form which can be found in Puppies - buying & selling (in 'Contents'), and return it by post to John and Judy Mackison.  They will then be able to inform prospective buyers of the puppies.