Norfolk Terriers Lost and Found


Norfolk Terriers Lost and Found

       Sunday, 8th September 2007

A young Norfolk Terrier has been found near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

For more information please contact Helena Jupp on 01327 831097 or
email her at

May 2007:

Lost in the Kent area.
A small, young, spayed, black and tan Norfolk bitch. She is the close
companion of the young son of the family who is extremely upset that
she is lost. Details have been posted everywhere including the Lost
Dog websites.
Please call Victoria Honeychurch 01622 891757
or Helena Jupp Norfolk Rescue,
if you can help.

Norfolk Terriers get lost!


It's HIPPO!!
The lost or stolen Norfolk 'Hippo' is now at home, a family had picked him up as a stray, but luckily saw the article in the newspaper, and got in touch with the owners. Apparently Hippo is now running around the garden like a mad thing, obviously VERY happy to be home, as are the owners to have him back!! Great news!! Welcome Home Hippo!! xx
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Norfolk Terriers get stolen!

Julia and Teddy at the NTC Spring Open Show.
His return was celebrated
with a lap of honour to great applause from the Club members!

The amazing story of '‘Teddy’ the Norfolk Terrier
who was lost for 18 months.

Teddy disappeared in August 2002 when he chased a pheasant into a field of maize near his home in Wiltshire.
His owner, Julia Faulkes, started a desperate search and was joined by neighbours and friends, plus their dogs, to see if they could pick up his scent. But from the start there was absolutely no sight nor sound of Teddy.
Julia also began an extensive campaign of advertising with leaflets and posters, showing Teddy’s photo, in local shops, farm shops, Post Offices, garages and notice boards. Dog Wardens across the country were alerted, plus Dogs’ Homes, dog organisations and the Police.
However it became clear that the best way of communicating the dog’s disappearance was to use the internet, so on the day of his disappearance, Julia, and her partner Bill, set up Teddy’s own website – This site immediately received over a thousand hits.
Importantly Julia informed the Norfolk Terrier Club of GB and all the members heard about Teddy via the Club Newsletter. (The Norfolk Terrier Club of GB site had not been set up back in 2002)
Teddy featured in the Daily Telegraph in an article on lost or stolen dogs and Dogs Today wrote up his story. Gradually the months passed and after a year and a half everyone became resigned to the likelihood that Teddy would never be seen again.
But amazingly the wonderful news came that Teddy had been found – this is the way it happened.

  • A terrier was found on an abandoned estate on Bristol and taken to the local kennel for strays.
  •  The kennel owner recognised the terrier as a Norfolk and the Dog Warden put him on the Dog Rescue Network Internet site for Lost, Stolen & Found dogs.
  • Within 2 hours a Norfolk owner Pam Harris saw this and, knowing Teddy was missing, contacted Martin Phillips who owns Teddy’s father.
  • Martin alerted Teddy’s breeder Helena Jupp.
  • Helena rang Julia’s mobile number and found her skiing in the French Alps.
  • Identification, as far as possible without a microchip, was made with the help of Teddy’s website, Julia flew back the next morning and Teddy came home to a welcome of great joy.  The two cats greeted him and then Teddy raced up stairs and found his favourite toy, which was still there waiting for him.
  • Teddy is now a star! His story was followed up in Dogs Today and the tale of the return literally went global with email messages from around the world – USA, Alaska, New Zealand, Sweden and Finland. He was mentioned on Radio 2 and Radio 4; he did live interviews for GMTV and a New York radio station and was in National newspapers here and in Europe. His website had over 7000 hits in just two days.

Only Teddy knows what really happened but Julia suspects that he may have been snatched and quickly bundled into a car.  He was in good health when found and may have been used for breeding - discarded possibly due to a badly infected foot that could have been expensive to cure.

Julia would like to pass on a few messages that they have taken from their amazing experience -

  • Always be on your guard  - dog theft is now endemic in this country and is creating untold misery, not just for bereft owners but for the dogs themselves.
  • Make sure that all the dog wardens are informed; in her experience they are marvellous.
  • Contact the breed club or society. The NTC of GB was of the greatest help.
  • Get your dog identychipped –our biggest mistake was not to have done this and it was rectified within a day of his return.
  • Set up your own website if you can. Alternatively use one of the many sites that are specifically there to reunite lost dogs and cats.
  • Never give up hope!

Julia would like to thank the many people who helped her from the bottom of her heart and, as well as the people named, she would like to thank Mary, who runs her local stray dogs’ kennel, and their local dog warden who gave her such support.

Welcome home Teddy!

Leash your dog!