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Forthcoming Events and Norfolk Terrier Judges 2017

Events for 2017

As with most other breed and general championship shows, the Norfolk Terrier Club of GB may consider extending the closing date for On-Line entries to its shows beyond the date shown on the Schedule.

Please check the Fosse Data website -

if the date has been extended the Show will reappear on the list for entry - once the entry has closed, it will no longer appear on the list.


Norfolk Terrier Health

The Norfolk Terrier is a breed free of physical exaggerations and breed-associated health issues, and the Kennel Club requires no testing or screening of any kind. We do strive, however, to confirm that this is indeed the case (by means of our Breed Health Survey of 2014/15, and our Health Snapshot for example), and continue to keep an eye on matters by means of on-going health projects.

All information relating to Norfolk Terrier Health can be found below: