Health Statement

The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain

The Health of the Norfolk Terrier: an Interim Statement

  • The Norfolk Terrier is one of the smallest terriers, with a hardy constitution. A “demon” for its size, it is not quarrelsome and has a lovable disposition.
  • The Norfolk Terrier is not known for exaggerated physical features of any kind.
  • The Norfolk Terrier has no known breed-specific health problems and, therefore, no breed-specific health tests or schemes administered by the Kennel Club.
  • The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain is committed to assuring the continued good health of the breed. It has invited its members to participate in a voluntary, informal research project to provide baseline data for use in future studies and comparisons with known data on heart disease in terrier breeds in general. The scheme is outlined on the Club website.
  • The Club is proud of its coverage of health and breeding issues in its newsletters and yearbooks.
  • The Club organises a variety of events that include grooming and first aid demonstrations, puppy parties and lectures. 


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