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BIS Crufts 2005




184 Love your site, .. We Rescued a 4 year old Norfolk Terrier last May(2015) who has serious Trust issues. His owner passed and he was left with a relative and confined to a crate before being surrendered to a kill shelter. He was a mess, behind on vaccines, kennel cough, matted and malnourished. He Is a love with my husband and I, but still very growly with our son and we are very cautious with others. Our Groomer has likened him to the Tasmanian Devil, loves the bath, but as soon as there is any sign of clippers or nail trim, he's all teeth in a whirlwind. We are working with him and long for the day others can enjoy his funny antics and belly rubs as we do! It's a process, but your site and so many Norfolk owners we've come to know have helped a great deal in our understanding this hearty little breed. We Currently live in Vermont, USA
Barry and Gerry and everyone who knew him.




183 In memory of our “Little Darling” Bisto
October 2006 - Nov 7th 2015. We miss you so, so much.
Barry and Gerry and everyone who knew him.



182 We are sorry to report that Teasel (Jumping Jack Flash) passed away on 27th September. He was the Baggington Bullet in 2005. He had been diagnosed with heart failure in May but was really well up until Saturday. He was 10 and 3 months. We are broken hearted but know he had a good, happy life. We will miss him so much.
Rob and Liz Beaumont, Hertford.


181 From Leo Norfolk Inger Lundström, Lidingö, Sweden

Ann-Marie Hammarlund, who inroduced the Norfolk Terrier to Sweden in1964, has passed away. Through her friendship with Miss Macfie (they both bred Dalmatians), she imported Swed Ch Colonsay Red Mouse (by Gotoground Mouser), and two bitches, Colonsay Punk and Swed Ch Colonsay Montelimar Della Pina. In 1966 Elisabeth Matell (Cracknor) bought Swedish Ch Dallas Nickel Note, "Shaggy". She was Elisabeth's very first Norfolk. "Shaggy" became the first Swedish bred Champion. She was by Colonsay Red Mouse ex Colonsay Punk. The picture is from 1964. They are the first Norfolks ever born in Sweden, Dallas Macfie and Dallas Miss Minx (Colonsay Paddy Doyle ex Colonsay Punk). The girl is Mrs Hammarlund's daughter.

Photo: G.A. Eck



180 Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from Japan. My Norfolk Terrier Kyala gave birth to two puppies on Dec.9th. I have an 11 years old Norfolk Terrier,too. This is the first time for me to have a black & tan Norfolk Terrier. I am looking forward to seeing them to grow up. Norfolk Terriers are wonderful, aren’t they? Yoko Ohbora



179 Here are two pictures of Toby from Cromer 'the cutest dog in town'. Toby is 4 years old now. He loves the beach, bike rides in the basket and canoeing. He did put on a bit too much weight, so we started a strict diet of fresh vegetables (frozen mixed), cooked chicken, fish, rice, eggs and NO dried food. He was 10.2 kg now he is down to 7.7kg in 8 months. Toby is our second Norfolk Terrier see 152, 127 & 129 Steve Harber.

178 Morning, I enjoyed your informative and very interesting web page. I look forward to seeing some of your wonderfull little dogs in the future at some of the shows.   Angela Kirk-Ashby. (30-10-2012)

Greetings from Seattle, Washington (USA) !
Thank you for maintaining your website, as it is quite an oasis of information and reassurance as we often come up with questions.  The wealth of information and skill in the NTCGB site allows us to remain sane so that we can enjoy our life with our Norfolk Terrier. Issa, our Norfolk was born on 11/11/11, and arrived at our house in January this year, from a reputable & loving breeder.  The name Issa comes from the Japanese poet, Issa Kobayashi - and the name Issa literally means "One Tea".  In Japanese, the word "tea" can refer to the color brown, which is the color of Issa (reddish brown, really), hence the name.
He has been a great blessing to our family of four, and a source of endless discoveries and joy.  Issa has just parted with his last infant canine tooth, and is looking rather mature, with stout teeth even at 6 months.  People are amazed that he is still a puppy, and is always asking what breed he is.  We can't stop feeling a sense of pride when we tell them that Issa is a Norfolk Terrier.  Full of energy and curiosity, he is always the favourite at the park, even amongst the now incredibly popular Miniature Dachshunds and French Bulldogs.  We have not seen any other Norfolks in our area, and we're quite happy with the rare aspect of the Norfolks in the neighborhood.
We want to keep Issa a Norfolk - not just a pet dog.  We're learning to Knife and hand-strip the coat, keeping his coat coarse and weather-resistant, like a traditional Norfolk.  It would be so easy to take the standard path and introduce him to the regular groomer, but we opted for the bespoke experience of the Norfolk way; no matter how time-consuming and old-fashioned it may be.  Your pages of instructions to grooming are immensely valuable and easy to understand.  Again, thank you for your passion and attention to guide the fellow Norfolk owners in the right direction.
I will surely be visiting these pages for more information as Issa grows and we are once again scratching our heads and hoping for advice to miraculously fall from the sky. It's wonderful to see so many Norfolk owners all over the world celebrating the magnificent little breed.  I hope that the ties deepen and that we are continually blessed with the magic and charm of the Norfolk Terrier!
Attached is a photo of Issa at around 4 months.
With warmest regards,
James Nakatsu (01-05-2012)

This is ‘Scruffy’, our 16 year old Norfolk Terrier.. Still going strong! Bless him... Our best friend!
Dan Hellyer (20-01-2012)

175 I wish to record that having had 3 consecutive Norfolks and now being older myself, I decided to purchased a more 'mature' 4 year old female from my friend Jill Stevenson of Brickin Kennels.  I was a little apprehensive at getting an older dog - would she settle and be happy with me was upper most in my mind.  However, I relied on Jill's excellent judgement when I took home my wonderful Topsy.  She settled in perfectly, without a whimper, and has obviously taken to being the star-attraction and the centre of our 24 hour-a-day attention.  She thinks everybody (people and dogs) are wonderful and is an absolute delight and I would not be a second without her and I am so pleased I took the gamble on an older dog. 
Thanks Jill.  
Iris Eastgate 

174 Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for 2012, from Yoko Ohbora and her Norfolk Terrier friends, Japan

Just visiting the site again after my loyal and faithful companion Mungo (Brickin Hint of Magic) passed away.  Words cannot express how much he meant to all the family.  My four children grew up with him and he will be sorely missed.  He was gentle, cheeky, clever and as brave as a lion.  He gave so much to our family and we had such happy times, we were so lucky to have him for nearly 11 years and he enhanced our lives greatly.  He retained his youthful figure and exuberance and still loved his walks and chasing squirrels and rodents.  Here is a recent picture of him making himself comfortable on the sofa.
Grania Howard (Wiltshire)

172 We just wanted to say thank you to all the Norfolk Terrier breeders we have spoken to over the last 2 weeks in our search for a new family pet.  We were completely bowled over by the advice, support and kindness shown by so many expert breeders – their guidance has been fabulous.   We collect Tassel (an 8 month old puppy) next week from Jill Stevenson, and our young daughters have spent the last week making toys, and ensuring the house is safe before she joins our family.  Thank you very much everyone.
Amy & Kevin White (08-02-2011).

171 Winter greetings from Olga Kislicka, Letland

170 Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for 2011, from Yoko Ohbora and her Norfolk Terrier friends, Japan


169 I have an adorable Norfolk called Kofi. I have recently made him a new  coat, made in 100% wool and fleecy lined. Gail Lautieri

168 Hi, we have just bought a Norfolk Terrier, yesterday, she is 8 weeks old, and we called her Mia.   Have been looking around your site, and am pleased to have found a club devoted to the breed of our new little family member.   She is the loveliest little thing.   Best wishes   Clair & Kevin (Kent) (16-08-2010).


167 Hello we have a Norfolk Terrier called Minky she is beautiful. We live in Waltham Abbey Essex I would love to find a fellow Norfolk Terrier owners as they seem very few and far between hoping that you could help me Sent By  Kath Conway (24-05-2010).

166 Two of the four puppies by Bricken Smart Disguise x CH Glenelg Alden, BOW Montgomery 2006. Since the 1970's, never have I raised puppies in such extreme winter weather! But I have more time to visit your excellent and informative website.   Deborah Pritchard, Glenelg Norfolk Terriers Middleburg, VA 20118 (15-02-2010).

165 Dear,   I think your site is superb, really amusing and informational - the page on coat stripping is wonderful. We will have to remortgage so as to be able to afford the whole range of tools, though. I never knew until today that the breed only got registered in 1964.  By the way, are you aware that there is a legend that traces the pre-history of the breed back to the south of our county, Wicklow?   We have been lucky to have had at least one (up to three) Norfolks in the family for all our 32 years of marriage (we got our first as a wedding present - can you imagine!) I know I still get the same thrill when I see one now - they are just so perfect in colour, shape, size - as I did when I first spotted one.  All of ours have been real family-binding guys, the first question our grown-up children always ask on the phone is "How is he?"   Of course it's their personality that sets them apart. All ours have had anarchistic traits and press hard for their rights.  They are also a bit eccentric, for example they tend to nest in the tiniest of spaces.    Norfolk owners are rare enough in Ireland, so of course when we meet one it leads to real bonding   Best regards and thanks for all the hard work in setting up the site.   Colin Cronin (10-02-2010).

164 My Norfolk had a show name of Frefly from Tennterra Kennels in Knoxville, TN.  She is 6.5 years old and  I adore her.  She is smart, sassy, the queen-bee of the household. Her beautiful face and adoring looks steals everyone’s heart. Betty. (07-02-2010)

163 It's a Snow Day.
As still fairly new to the breed am still discovering the amazing fun a little Norfolk brings to everyone. I am very sure I am not alone in having a little chap who thought the snow was the best thing ever. He played in it, caused a riot with the children and didnt want to come in at the end of the day. I am glad Monty, who is 12 Months old, does not realise that he may never see snow like it again for a long time !   Dee Rayner, Hertfordshire. (20-02-2009)

162 I just want to say Hello from Denmark, We breed Norfolk Terrier in small scala, and we got Norfolk Terrier now for nearly 6 years, and before we got one Norwish Terrier, with her we fall in love ... and she was the reason, that we still today adore this dog breed. Sending pictures of our new hope for the future. Bonnie she is home breed... Kind Regards Evald Pedersen Denmark Norfolk Terrier On-line (20-02-2009)

161 This is Porter our 9 year old Norfolk. He is just adorable and we love him so much.  As you can see he is a little on the plump side, he loves his food and is somewhat lazey.  Not a good combination! Best wishes to you all. Sally from Suffolk. (03-02-2009)

160 Happy New Norfolk Year from ALL OF US in Bayleaf´s kennel Ekerö, Stockholm Sweden to ALL OF YOU !
Lena Vikbladh (03-01-2009)


159 Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
I have had a very good time with my Norfolks, Sala & Fuki and my friends’ Norfolks over the year. Sala and Fuki had a little piece of turkey as a Christmas dinner.
I joined many Norfolk Terriers’ meetings in Japan this year. All Norfolks make me so happy all the time.
Yoko Ohbora (24-12-2008)

158 Hello we would like to spread the word about a new Europe/UK Norfolk and Norwich Forum on
Best wishes
Dave and Sharon Southwell
P.S. We had a lovely day at the Fun Day -  thank you to the organisers!

I am using this medium to record the sad demise of my beloved Pumpkin, Cracknor Cutabove. No great show dog, although he did earn a few firsts in his day, he was one of the best ambassadors the breed could have had. He was loved by everyone where ever he went and his loss left the children of our village in mourning. It was because of him that I became committed to the Norfolk Club giving everything I could to this lovely breed for more than ten years.


156 Happy Halloween from Japan!
I have two Norfolk Terriers,
Mother, Sala and her daughter, Fuki.
Sala & Fuki got the first prize of the Norfolk Terrier
Festival costume contest in Japan, last year.
Sala & Fuki are going for a Halloween walk
with some friends in the neighbourhood. 
Have a happy Halloween day to all Norfolks and
their owners! Yoko Ohbora (31-10-2008)

A Tip for Norfolk owners. I once helped a friend look for her Norfolk Terrier all day as she thought  she had got out without being noticed and couldn't be found anywhere indoors or out. Later that day someone heard a whimpering and following the sound she  was eventually found inside the armchair ! - it was a recliner and the foot rest had been  left up and the norfolk had gone under and inside and someone came along later and closed it and that was where she had been stuck for hours! Rita Mitchell

154 A note of thanks to Rita Mitchell and Margaret Ruffles for organising a fantastic Trimming day in Romsey. Many thanks to Martin Phillips, assisted by Andre Gullick for the demonstration; what an expert he is!! And to the many others whose names I don’t know who helped and guided us through the afternoon when we were able to try out our “skills” on our own long suffering dogs (many thanks to them too for putting up with us). Despite the dreadful weather there were a lot of people present and it really was a most educational and inspiring day.
Once again many many thanks to all involved.
Rebecca Rhodes (06-10-2008)

153 We have admired the Norfolk terrier for some time and currently show Douge de Bordeauxs over here in Ireland. After researching the breed and going equipped with the invaluable information obtained from your club website, we decided add a red male to our successful show team. We now are proud to welcome Barney into our home and we have fallen for this loveable breed. Using the excellent step by step coat care guide and the shared knowledge from Pat Quinn at our local puppy class, Barney is taking shape nicely and will be attending his first show in November. Congratulations on a fantastic website and we wish all the members continued success both in and out of the ring. Adrian & Caroline Kelly (15-09-2008)

152 Sad news. We are sorry to say that our Norfolk Terrier Scamp was taken ill in March 2008 and had to be put to sleep. Scamp is featured on 129, 127. Scamp was 13 ˝ he had heart trouble for some time and took regular medication. One Friday his breathing became very erratic causing respiratory distress he was put in an oxygen cage for 4 hours but deteriorated very quickly, so we had to make the hard decision.  He was in my arms when he had the injection and went very peacefully. He seemed well right up to the last day so he did not suffer very little. Scamp was always with us, we work at home and have two grown up children, he shared in all our lives and gave us so much. Here is a picture of him just off for a bike ride through the country lanes, he loved rides on the bike and in my canoe (see 127). Now 5 months on my wife and I have are still trying to come to terms with life without him. Steve P.S . I am considering (hoping) for another boy Norfolk to share my life with. (27-08-2008).

151 Hello again.  Bruno is now 4 months old, and very happily settling into his new home.  We’ve just had his registration documents from the Kennel Club, and his official name is Kinsridge Brown Bear ( how cute! ).  Had a few little accidents with the house-training but he’s getting the hang of it now ( or rather, we are! ).  He’s such a sociable, loveable little boy and is fast proving to be an invaluable and much-adoredaddition to our family. X.
Regards, Mandy and family (18-07-2008).

 150 Hi I just found this site, I had a Norfolk Terrier cross JR for 11 years, I lost her two years ago and love and miss her so much, her name was Sox. I would love to hear and know all about Norfolk Terriers. Thank you, Catherine.x (04-06-2008)

149 Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce our new beautiful Norfolk. His name is Bruno, and we collect him on Monday 23rd June and we're so excited! (hope you can see the photo I've attached).  We had decided to finally allow our children to have an addition to our family (puppy, not another baby!) back in January of this year, and after much research finally found our dream match in the Norfolk Terriers - a breed I had'nt previously been familiar with, but with whom we have now fallen in love! After making contact with breeder Diane (a lovely woman, thanks Diane) - we are now happily preparing for our new arrival immediately on our return from our trip abroad.  So for once, we're all excited about RETURNING from our holiday :)  Love the web site and am so looking forward to being part of the Norfolk Terrier family. 
Kind regards, Mandy, Perry and children - Staffordshire. (03-06-2008)


148 Hello! Thought i'd send you a picture of Buddy who is now 2 years old. He is our 1st Norfolk and we think he is fantastic! (see comment 111). Love the web-site, especially the photos! Regards, R Howard, Lancashire. (09-03-2008)

147 Well, actually 5 months old now. Our first terrier. What a pleasure. Will his coat grow more curly as he grows older?   Alan Wells.  (15-01-2008)

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