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Mrs Beverley Watkins


Mrs O. Denyer, Mrs D. Dorkins, Mrs C. Howard,
Mrs R. Mitchell, Mrs E. Needham, Mrs C. Stones,
Miss M. G. White, Mrs S. A. Willbie.

Hon Secretary:

Miss G. Simpson
3 Grassington Drive
Wigston, Leics. LE18 3YJ Tel: 0116 2882881

Hon. Treasurer:

Mr Terry Cooper


Chairman: Mr A. Hess MRCVS
Members: Miss G. Dorkins, Mrs R.Gee, Mrs P. Green,
Mr A. Gullick, Miss F. Macartney, Mrs L. Philip,
Mrs J. Stevenson.

The Secretary will email
a Breeders List
or she will post one
if a stamped self-addressed envelope is sent to her.

Rescue And Welfare:
(only available in Great Britain)

Mrs Linda Cooper
Walton Road,
Cambs. PE14 7AG,
Tel: 01945 466691

Newsletter Editor:

Fiona Macartney



Website Editors:

Mrs Cherry Howard
Telephone 01264 772441

Mrs Sally Willbie
Telephone 01983 872703



Webmaster: Baerbel Lang






Mrs Beverley Watkins
59 Warren Drive
Elm Park, Hornchurch,
Essex RM12 4QZ

Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain
Past Presidents:

Miss M.S.S. Macfie (1964-1965)
Mrs R.L. Richardson (1966-1971)
Major N. Bradshaw (1971-1974)
Mrs M.J. Taylor (1974-1977)
Miss M.G. White (1977-1980)
Mrs M.J. Taylor (1980-1983)
Mrs A.M. Marshall (1983-1986)
Miss M.G. White (1986-1989)
Mrs E. Needham (1989-1992)
Mrs S.A. Willbie (1992-1995)
Mr. W. Denyer (1995-1997)
Mrs O.M. Denyer (1998-2001)
Mr J. Rudkin (2001-2004)
Mrs C.M. Howard (2004-2007)
Mrs. D. Dorkins (2007-2010)
Mrs R. Mitchell (2010-2013)
Mrs C.Stones (2013-2016)

Club's Colours

The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain

It was on October 4th 1964 that an emergency Committee Meeting of the Norwich Terrier Club was called, the agenda stating that it was for the "Creation of the Norfolk Terrier" and from then on the new breed and the new Club were in existence.   (From Marjorie Buntings Why the Norfolk? in the first Norfolk Terrier Club Handbook, 1968). 

More reading on how the drop-eared Norwich became the Norfolk Terrier can be found in Eileen Needham's 'A Short History of the Norfolk Terrier' on this website.

Prior to separation, the breed was making slow progress and winning few honours in the show ring, but with a new name, its own Challenge Certificates, and the formation of the Club, the breed began a real renaissance that has resulted in the wonderful dogs we see today, both in the ring, and as pets. Great credit goes to the first committee who had not only struggled to keep the drop-eared Norwich Terrier on its feet but also laid the foundations that have made the Norfolk Terrier Club the success it is today. The Chairman of this first committee was Joy Taylor, twice President, who sadly died in 2006 and is still missed by so many who knew her.

The aims of the Club include protecting and promoting the interests of the breed and giving all possible help to owners, breeders and exhibitors of Norfolk Terriers.  The Club organises two Open Shows and one Championship Show annually, the Fun Day which is the traditional rally with the Norwich Terrier, plus workshops and seminars on a variety of canine subjects, including judging the breed and coat care. The Club Breed Stand (Best Terrier Stand Crufts 2007 and Crufts 2016) sells Norfolk Terrier inspired merchandise at Crufts and the Club events and also by mail order.

Club members run the prize winning Norfolk Terrier Discover Dogs booth at Crufts (2nd prize All Breeds Best Booth Competition Crufts 2002 and 1st prize Best Terrier Booth Crufts 2013) and at Earls Court in November (6th prize all breeds Best Booth Competition 2006). There is a Handbook every two years and a regular Newsletter that is always eagerly anticipated by both exhibitors and pet owners.

The Club, recently renamed The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain, goes from strength to strength; at its inception in 1964, the membership was 125, now it is nearly 1000.

Details about becoming a member can be found in Join the Club on this website.