Frequently asked questions

Are Norfolks cuddly teddy bears?

No they are TERRIERS! Norfolks were originally bred as ratters and, though they are known for their lovable disposition, they retain the terrier spirit.

Do Norfolks need a lot of exercise?

If you like walking, a Norfolk is an excellent choice. They will take as much exercise as you can give - in any weather and any terrain. Norfolk Terriers can thrive on a quieter life, and also in towns, but must have regular walks and live an active and interesting life.

Do Norfolks shed hair?

Yes! Regular grooming will help,
plus twice yearly hand stripping of the coat.
Ideally do not clip a Norfolk’s coat unless the dog finds hand stripping too stressful, or is old or has a very soft coat.

Are Norfolks good family dogs?

Provided that the new owner teaches the puppy acceptable behaviour from the start, and the family understands the puppy’s needs the answer is generally yes. Always talk to the breeder if you have young children and be sure that a terrier will be suitable for you.

How can I get a Norfolk puppy?

It’s difficult! Norfolks have small litters, and are only bred in moderation. Please ask us for a Breeders List, visit some kennels, and expect to go on a waiting list.

Is a dog or a bitch best for me?

There is a saying that the dogs are more loving while the bitches are little madams!

In truth there is no great difference in character, but young dogs can become wilful if not trained.

Are there any special dangers for Norfolks?

Yes. They have no road sense and must be on a lead near traffic.
Too many are run over, sometimes in their own drives.
Good Norfolk ownership = 100% vigilance at all times.