Discover Dogs 2016

Discover Dogs

London, October 2016

Hats off yet again to the fabulous Keep Calm Team ........

Our stand at Discover Dogs was on the go all day with a continual stream of visitors several deep waiting for a chat about Norfolks.

Our team consisted of 5 Norfolks and owners, Sue & Maurice with Bembo, Fiona with Dora, Katie with Archie, Linda with Chase, and Andrea with Nellie none of whom live together, happily co-existing in the pen, sitting on the table , sleeping on the cushion/in the crate .... all together like one happy family.

They were great with the visitors accepting pats and cuddles from all.

Andrea (newest team member), had spent half a day talking to us at Discover Dogs at Crufts this year and now has Nellie, 7 months, and so in love with the breed she has joined us at Discover Dogs already! We all chatted and answered questions all day ..... and were still smiling at 5pm.

There were chocolates for the visitors and Norfolk rosettes for the kids to add to the special Norfolk cuddles.

Thank you to a great team effort and thank you to Juliet for setting up all the pictures on the walls of our stand (and none fell off!)

Linda Philip


From Juliet Knight:

Sunday morning saw Carolyn Hoare man the stand with my Albi.

On Sunday afternoon it was Annabel Buchan with her mum and daughter pair, Daisy and Lily.

The day was busy with lots of general enquiries and some genuine interest,. it's always nice to see Norfolk owners who come to share stories of their pets and just to see the stand as they are missing their babies.

A good, but exhausting day was had by all. Albi slept all the way home on the train to Liverpool on my lap!

Discover Dogs Crufts 2016

Another successful Discover Dogs for the Norfolk Terriers - happy dogs and owners all enjoyed the four days of the show. Our thanks to the volunteers for their dedication in spreading the word.

Sarah Brown writes - Saturday March 12th was the most nerve-wracking day my husband, Gavin and I have had in years. To be asked to represent Norfolk Terriers at Crufts was an honour but would we do the breed justice?

Toby is our first Norfolk and although he loves attention and fuss, the kind of noise and crowds at Discover Dogs are unique. Would he cope? Would he get on with the other dogs? Would he tiddle everywhere? (he is a bit of a canine watering can).

We arrived an hour early and made sure Toby was as empty as possible before crawling through hundreds of people to get to the booth. Waiting for us was Gina, Dorothy and Julie with the very handsome Theo. Theo was soaking up the attention and was very well behaved. I crossed my fingers and brought Toby into the booth.

Once again it was obvious that I worry far too much. Toby was a star. He lapped up the attention, posing for pictures, being fussed, cuddled and cooed over. I think he felt that this was how his life should be all the time.

We were warned that he may get tired after an hour or two. Not even close. After nearly four hours he was actually hanging out of the booth at people who hadn't stopped to stroke him as if to say 'Hey you missed me I'm here!'

We introduced Toby to Chick Chick, Dorothy's beautiful girl who was clearly too much of a lady to be impressed by Toby's attempt at being irresistible.

We all loved the day and are keen to do it again (and again, and again). If you get the chance with your Norfolk I highly recommend it and am very grateful to have been invited.