Norfolk Terrier Breed Health Survey 2019/20

Norfolk Terrier Breed Health Survey 2019/20

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The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain Breed Health Survey 2019/20 runs from 8th December 2019 to the end of February 2020.


In order to take part, please click below*
Breed Health Survey online


Depending on the number of Norfolks you own (or have owned since 2014), and the number of conditions they've encountered in the last 5 years, we estimate this survey may take up to 15 minutes to complete.


Have your Norfolk(s) had no conditions of note in the last 5 years? We still need your response! There is an option to skip the majority of questions if your dogs have never visited the vets for anything other than routine appointments, so please take a moment to complete it even if you have no conditions to report.


If you know of any owners who are unable to fill in the survey online, please contact Beverley Watkins (via the email address below), who can supply a hard copy along with a prepaid envelope in which to return the completed surveys. We would like as much data as possible* in order to give us as accurate a picture of the health of the breed as possible.


The Club invites responses from all Norfolk Terrier owners in the United Kingdom, whether or not you're a member of the Club - we want the results to represent the breed as a whole, not just those within our membership.


Our 2014/15 Health Survey received responses from as far away as Hungary, and while it was lovely to hear from such dedicated owners, we were sadly unable to use the information as we're monitoring the health of the breed within the UK only.


If you encounter any issues with the survey, please contact


*please rest assured, your data will not be shared with any third parties, and will only be used for the purposes of this survey. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please leave any details you are willing to give in order for us to filter out duplicates, and to ensure that all data we receive is accurate. It would also be helpful to at least know the geographical area you're in, so we can assess the health of the breed across the country if we notice any trends.