Fun Day 2021

Norfolk and Norwich Terrier Fun Day

Saturday 28 August 2021

The Village Hall, Baginton


I must start off by apologising because I have been very remiss in not posting this report onto the website until now – please forgive me, but time has just seemed to simply run away!

Well, it was a long wait since the last Fun Day, so it was brilliant to be back for this year’s event.  Last year the NTCGB held a Virtual Fun Day in place of the real thing, so this time it was the turn of the Norwich Terrier Club to host and many thanks to the Committee for putting on a lovely event.

Everything seemed to come together so well, with almost perfect weather conditions and everyone entering into the spirit of the new “normal” with their tents and gazebos.  There were loads of new faces to welcome, loads of old friends to meet again and about 70 dogs taking part in the various classes and races.   Jill Stevenson, President of the Norwich Terrier Club opened the day by welcoming everyone and then got straight to work judging the first class.



There were some lovely moments to remember as always – a few which come to mind: a great Sausage Catching competition with Lottie Pinnell regaining her title in the absence of last year’s young winner Toby, a lovely Vintage class where the judge Dorothy Dorkins fell in love with them all and awarded them all 1st place (a decision well greeted by all present!), brilliant Fancy Dress entries “Norwiches on Staycation” and “Indiana Bones in Raiders of the Lost Bark”,  some great racing as always and the presentation of the new Chris Moor Memorial Trophy for the Egg and Spoon Race.

Chris Moor Memorial TrophyAs you can see, this is a very individual and beautiful trophy, produced for us by John Higgins, a member of the NTCGB who also happens to be a world- renowned ceramicist.  Chris’s wife Liz, his parents and brother came down for the Day with Liz’s Norfolk Connor and Liz did us the honour of presenting the trophy for the first time to winner Rob Blade who competed with his Norwich Terrier Rio.

It is impossible to include everything from the day, but below are the full results and a small selection of photos – enjoy, thank you all for coming and making the event what it is, without you it would be nothing!  The NTCGB look forward to welcoming you to the event next year!

Gail Simpson




Class 1 – Dog with the Waggiest Tail (Judge: Jill Stevenson)

Jill hard at work encouraging those tails to wag!
Jill hard at work encouraging those tails to wag!


  1. Lottie (Norfolk) – Sue Pinnell
  2. Cassie (Norfolk) - Chris Beaton
  3. Rio (Norwich) – Rob Blade
  4. Penny (Norfolk) – Becky Joyce
  5. Hugo (Norfolk) – Dee Rayner

Class 2 – Prettiest Bitch (Judge: Bridget Shapland)

  1. Crackle (Norwich) – Ali Hayes
  2. Maisie (Norfolk) - Arthur Giudice
  3. Indie (Norwich) – Kaye Dix
  4. Pixie (Norwich) – Dawn Webb
  5. Orla (Norfolk) – Charlie Price

Class 3 – Handsomest Dog (Judge: Andre Hess)

  1. Cabhan (Norfolk) – Janet Howes
  2. Ted (Norwich) – Dawn Webb
  3. Cyril (Norwich) – Ali Hayes
  4. Harry (Norfolk) – Sylvia Pestell
  5. Alfie (Norwich) – Melanie Hickling

Class 4 – Dog the Judge would most like to take home (Judge: Frank Payne)

  1. Orla (Norfolk) – Charlie Price
  2. Arthur (Norfolk) – Melissa Davis
  3. Barney (Norfolk) – Jackie Giudice
  4. Basil (Norfolk) – Jackie Dockery
  5. Maisie (Norfolk) – Arthur Guidice

Class 5 – Best Sausage Catcher (Judge: Martyn Howes)

  1. Lottie (Norfolk) – Sue Pinnell
Sausage Catching Competition
Some of our sausage catchers in action


Class 6 - Best Veteran 7-10 years old (Judge: Dorothy Dorkins)

  1. Megan (Norwich) – Joyce Hillsdon
  2. Cyril (Norwich) - Ali Hayes
  3. Lottie (Norfolk) – Sue Pinnell
  4. Barney (Norfolk) – Maureen Weston
  5. Button (Norfolk) – Jane Freeman

Class 7 – Vintage Dog or Bitch (11 yrs & Over) (Judge: Dorothy Dorkins)

     1=   Tessa (Norfolk) – Jemma Ireland

     1=    Harry (Norfolk) - Maureen Burrell

     1=    Amber (Norfolk) - Monica Stevens

     1=    Caitlin (Norfolk) - Janet Howes


Class 8 - Most Appealing Puppy (Judge: Melissa Davis)

  1. Indie (Norwich) – Kaye Dix
  2. Hugo (Norfolk) – Dee Rayner
  3. Stanley (Norfolk) – Poppy Ward
  4. Penny (Norfolk) – Becky Joyce
Class 8 Winners, L-R
Class Winners, L-R


Best family from same householdClass 9 – Best Family from the Same Household (Judge: Terry Harris}

  1. Pixie, Ted and Tilly (Norwich/WHWT) – Dawn Webb
  1. Margo and Penny (Norfolks) – Becky Joyce
  2. Barney and Maisie (Norfolks) – Jackie and Arthur Giudice
  3. Button and Tiggy (Norfolks) - Jane Freeman
  4. Arlo and Cassie (Norfolks) – Karen and Chris Beaton




Class 10 – Best Six Legs (Judge: John Nicholl)

  1. Stanley (Norfolk) and Poppy Ward
Best 6 legs, 2nd place
A proud Steve Johnson with his second place rosette!
  1. Bill (Norfolk) and Steve Johnson
  2. Barney (Norfolk) and Nicola Hale
  3. Barney (Norwich) and Catherine Harrison
  4. Rufus (Norwich) and Clara Garriga

Class 11 – Best 100 Miles or over Travelled (Judge: Graeme Parker)

Longest distance travelled
Clara and her mum with Rufus
  1. Rufus (Norwich) – Clara Garriga (from Glasgow – plus Mum from Italy!)
  2. Megan (Norwich) – Joyce Hillsdon
  3. Maisie and Barney (Norfolk) – Arthur and Jacqui Giudice
  4. Cyril and Crackle (Norwich) – Ali Hayes
  5. Fizz (Norwich) – Wendy Batson


Class 12 – Most talented Dog or Bitch (Judge: Jill Stevenson)

  1. Cyril (Norwich) - Ali Hayes
  2. Connor (Norfolk) - Liz Moor
  3. Crackle (Norwich) - Ali Hayes
  4. Barney (Norwich) - Catherine Harrison
  5. Barney (Norwich) - Maureen Watson

Class 13 – Junior Handling 6-11 Years (Judge: Gina Dorkins)

  1. Becky Joyce with Margo (Norfolk)
  2. Poppy Ward with Stanley (Norfolk)

Class 14 – Junior Handling 12-16 Years (Judge: Gina Dorkins)

  1. Charlie Price with Orla (Norfolk)
  2. Benedict Long with Gordon (Norfolk)
  3. Becky Joyce with Margo (Norfolk)

Best Overall Junior Handler:  Charlie Price

Best junior handler













Class 13 – Adult Handling (Judge: Andre Hess)

  1. Rob Blade with Rio (Norwich)
  2. Zoe Long with Gordon (Norfolk)
  3. Janet Howes with Cabhan (Norfolk)
  4. Janette Knapp with Cassie (Norfolk)
  5. Ali Hayes with Cyril (Norwich)

Class 14 – Junior Fancy Dress - Judge Dawn Webb

      No entries

Class 15 – Adult Fancy Dress – Judge Dawn Webb

1= ‘Staycation’ - Ali Hayes and her family of Norwich

1= ‘Indiana Bones and Raiders Of The Lost Bark’ – Christine Tickle and Ollie (Norfolk)

Terrier Racing – Winners

Any breed other than Norfolk or Norwich – No entries

Puppy under 1 year – Hugo (Norfolk) – Dee Rayner

Dogs – Cabhan (Norfolk) – Janet Howes

Bitches – Cassie (Norfolk) - Karen Beaton

Veterans (over 7 years) – Mabel (Norfolk) – Fiona Macartney

The Chris Moor Memorial Egg and Spoon Race – Rob Blade and Rio (Norwich)


Temptation Alley - Rio (Norwich) - Rob Blade


The Melbeck Baginton Bullet

  1. Cabhan (Norfolk) – Janet Howes 3.45 secs
  2. Gordon (Norfolk) – Zoe Long          3.63 secs
  3. Sandy (Norwich) – Chris Davis      3.87 secs
  4. Cassie (Norfolk) – Karen Beaton 3.88 secs